#flashfiction – Workslut Pt 2

So I was balls deep in Cindy’s tight asshole in the backseat of her SUV. We were in an empty parking lot on our lunch break, which is when we would often engage in kinky sex. Cindy was my submissive work slut. She was married and we were having an affair, but her husband was kind of an asshole, so I didn’t feel particularly bad about it. I had used sex magic to lure her in to wanting to be my whore. And once she gave herself over to it, she loved it. 

So again I’m sitting on the backseat of her SUV and she’s lowering her asshole down onto my cock violently and this is when I decided to give her her first seduction challenge. I had warned her that something like this would happen at some point and now was the time. I told her that I wanted her to offer her pussy licking services to some woman that we worked with. I felt her tight sphincter clinch around my engorged prick and knew that this request had taken her by surprise. She knew better than to complain though and I proceeded to fantasize out loud about her going down on somebody under their desk. 

She’d never been with a woman before, but she was definitely interested in trying it. What concerned her the most, I think, is that I wanted her to do it with someone we worked with. Obviously she would have to be very careful about trying to make something like this happen with a person at work. But I knew that she was more than capable and I couldn’t wait to enjoy the fruits of her labor. 

I was now furiously pumping in and out of her used anus, fantasizing about how eventually I would be ass fucking her while she went down on her new girlfriend. I was also frantically rubbing her clit and as I conjured that image up in her mind she shuddered and came incredibly hard. This triggered my own orgasm and I begin blasting her bowels with a hot load of my spunk. 

After we came down a bit and she climbed off my rod, I reinserted her normal medium sized butt plug and told her to keep my load in her ass for the rest of the day. She loved walking around with my cuminside her. She was such a good obedient little whore and I couldn’t wait for this next phase of our relationship to start. 

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