#flashfiction – Daughter’s Bad Influences

Quick story I wrote this morning. Could definitely take this further.  Hope you enjoy it!


Cheryl‘s daughter Samantha had recently come out as being bisexual with an emphasis on the lesbian side. She was supportive of her daughter and didn’t have a problem with it at all. Especially considering the fact that she herself was somewhat bi-curious. The problem was that Samantha had started dating a slightly older girl that Cheryl wasn’t sure about. Her name was Christy and generally speaking, a guy friend of her’s named Mark usually tagged along. They weren’t overly friendly in their interactions with Cheryl and she was worried that they might be a bad influence on her daughter. Little did she know.

What soon troubled her more is that Cheryl had started to hear them having sex. They didn’t seem to try to keep the noise down at all. Another weird thing was that  sometimes Mark would be there.  She soon realized that they were having very kinky threesomes. Cheryl had gone down the hall towards her daughter’s room at times to listen and was able to determine that Samantha was a submissive to these people and they were doing very nasty things together.

Cheryl tried to talk to her daughter about it. The girl didn’t want to have a conversation and she grew increasingly sullen as her mother tried to push her. So Cheryl grew frustrated and told her that she could at least try to keep the noise down as it was rather awkward to overhear such things. Samantha said she would try but that she wasn’t generally the one in control in these situations. When Cheryl tried to engage her further on this the girl shut down again and walked off in a huff.

The loud sex continued and Cheryl grew more irritated, as it was not only weird to think about what was happening to her daughter, but as she had been single for some time, hearing the sounds of sex made her pussy throb a little bit.

One day, after a particularly stressful day at work she came home and took a warm shower to try and  relax. It helped a bit, but she was still on edge when she got out and heard loud moaning. They were fucking again and being particularly loud.

Cheryl moved a little closer to her daughter’s room and listened, wearing nothing more than her bathrobe. It sounded like they were being especially abusive to Samantha. She could hear spanking and she could tell that she was gagging on Mark’s cock while Christy verbally degraded her.

Cheryl flew off the handle and barged into the room. She could not believe what she walked in on. Her daughter was kneeling on the edge of her bed doggy style and Mark’s cock was balls deep in her throat. Christy was behind her, spanking her while wearing a giant strap on. Samantha also had a butt plug inserted in her anus.

The sight was rather shocking, and in that moment, quite enraging to Cheryl. She began to lambaste Mark and Christy for what they were doing to her daughter in her own house. They both looked at her incredulously and continued working Samantha over. Cheryl couldn’t believe their audacity, and after a stupefied moment, she laid back into them and told them, “…Get the fuck out of my house!”

Mark fixed her with a dead cold stare and said, “Bitch, you better get the fuck out of this room right now or you will become the next party favor!”

Cheryl lost it and moved quickly across the room and tried to slap him. With his thick cock still enveloped by Samantha’s warm mouth, he caught her mom‘s arm, grabbed the other one, and spun her around. Her bathrobe came open and he yanked the sash from it and before she even knew what happened, tied her wrists together. Christy looked at her and said, “We tried to warn you, but now you’re going to be part of the fun.”

Mark threw her down on the bed and told Christy to grab a butt plug and some lube. Cheryl could not believe what was happening to her. He began spanking the bewildered mother and explaining to her in no uncertain terms that she was going to be thoroughly used and abused alongside her daughter. He threatened that if she tried to fight, things would be made much worse for her. She tried to protest and he wrapped a strong hand around her throat and restricted her airway as he gave her a furious spanking on her ass and the backs of her thighs.

She then just stopped trying to argue and began screaming from the pain. He soon let go of her throat and asked her if she was done protesting. She nodded and before she knew it, his fingers were between her thighs and he was roughly fondling her pussy. To her horror, he found that she was wet and commented on it, “Looks like the whore’s mother is just another cheap slut like her daughter. She likes it rough. It makes her pussy wet. Ha ha ha!”

She then felt a cool dribble of liquid on her puckered anus and then something began to penetrate her. Christy was working a medium-size butt plug into her asshole. She had always had a kinky streak herself so this wasn’t the first time she had experienced ass play, but it was shocking in this context and she felt guilty that her body was betraying her.

Before she could think much about this, she was maneuvered into a doggy style position right next to her daughter. Mark kneeled in front of them and forced his cock into Cheryl’s mouth. He told her threateningly, “If you bite me, you will not like what happens afterwards.”

She could tell that he meant it and soon was taking his juicy prick deeper into her mouth and throat. As she blew him, she heard Christy begin fucking her daughter with the strap on. As this went on, Mark began to alternate between the mother’s and daughter‘s mouths. Cheryl could barely believe that this was happening, but what was even more troubling was that she had become quite turned on now. It didn’t help at all when Christy also began to alternate between the women’s pussies with the sizable strap on.

Before long, Cheryl was on the verge of cumming as Christy pumped the large fake dick in and out of her drenched cunt. She was being spit roasted now also as Mark had his cock down her throat. The y soon moved back to working her daughter over.

She couldn’t help but reach between her legs to play with her clit when she wasn’t the one being fucked. She even turned to watch and was surprised to find that it turned her on tremendously to see her daughter being used like a cheap whore. As she witnessed the debauchery and played with herself, she felt a weird mixture of guilt and desire and when she heard her daughter start to cum, it pushed her over the edge and she too screamed out in ecstasy.

Cumming only made the women want to be fucked and cum again. Soon after the women started to return to reality, the two sadistic freaks changed things up. Christy laid down at the head of the bed and opened her legs which bared her soaked and shaven pussy. Mark forced Cheryl over towards her and pushed her face down into the girl’s cunt. She was told to lick it and make her cum. She did as instructed as Mark began to fondle her own exceedingly wet honey pot. He was soon fingering it roughly.

It was all very intense, but she was into it. She was devouring Christy’s tasty pussy like it was delicious treat. Mark also began to pump the butt plug in and out of her asshole. She assumed he was preparing to fuck her in the ass. She wasn’t far off in her assumption, but was quite surprised when she felt a strap on opening her asshole instead of a dick. She was even more surprised when Mark moved up to the head of the bed and put his cock in Christy’s mouth. That meant that it was her daughter fucking her in the ass with a strap on and for some reason this made her hungry pussy throb beyond control. She began moaning loudly as she licked the girl’s cunt. Mark smile deviously and said, “Fuck yeah! Looks like the bitch is into getting reamed out by her own fucking daughter. We’re gonna have a lot of fun with these two sluts! Fucking incest whores!”

Christy and he gave each other a high five and he pulled out of her mouth. He was close to cumming and proceed to jack off until he shot a hot load of spunk on Cheryl’s face and Christy’s pussy. Cheryl loved it and slurped it all up like the nasty slut she had now become.

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