I Had A Weird Perverted Dream Last Night….

So, I had a pretty wacky dream last night. It was kinky, very hot, and I enjoyed it, but it was totally absurd.

As usual, I don’t remember all of it, but I remember sitting around watching TV and being bored. Then I felt compelled to go out and look for something fun to do. Which is kind of weird because I’m more of an introvert and don’t usually decide to hop in the car and go looking for some trouble to get into.

I don’t remember getting up or anything, but suddenly I am in my car driving around. It was weird because sometimes it would seem like it was daytime and other times it would be night time. As I’m driving around, I spot two younger girls walking down the street and they’re hitchhiking. They’re probably between 18 and 20 and they are attractive, but kind of trashy or redneck looking.

In real life I would probably never do something like this, but I decide to pick them up. Again, I don’t remember actually stopping or anything, but the next thing I know, they’re sitting in my car as I drive. It turns out that they’re sisters and they need a ride to their house which is a few miles away. I only remember one of their names. Her name was Stacy and I’ll just call the other girl Cindy since I can’t recall.

I remember talking to them and thinking that they definitely were young redneck girls that were kind of ignorant, but they were funny and cute and it didn’t hurt that I found them attractive. And as it often happens in dreams, things suddenly changed and I don’t really remember how it progressed like this, but next thing you know we’re at their house and were smoking weed. They were both being very flirtatious and I was having fun.

Then I just remember wandering around their house alone and it was odd and confusing because I didn’t know where I was sometimes. I open a random door and go into this room and see that it’s a bedroom. To my surprise, I see a bunch of sex toys sitting on a vanity. I also see three giant plastic containers with lids and I’m wondering what the hell they are. Just then, one of the girls shows up and starts laughing and yells to her sister something about how he found the fun stuff.

The other girl shows up and they are both laughing and I can’t help it but I start laughing too. I point at the containers and I’m like, “What the hell is that?”

Stacy answers and says, “Oh, that’s our mom’s sex gel.”

I’m totally confused and ask her what the hell she’s talking about. She replies, “It’s called nuru gel and people use it for massages….like sensual massages….and for sex. They even have porn videos based around it.”

And then I remember that I’ve seen that kind of thing before and I immediately get horny. I tell her that I remember it now and that I always thought it looked like fun. She says, “Oh it definitely is!”

So I tell her and Cindy to show me. I’m clearly joking, but they take me seriously. Stacy replies, “Well that’s kind of weird….but ok. We’ll show you.”

To my surprise they both get naked and they’re super cute and sexy. They open one of the containers and bring it closer to the bed which I realize now has rubber sheets on it. Stacy grabs a big handful of the goop and starts rubbing it all over her sister’s body while her sister does the same to her. It’s tremendously arousing especially as they fondle each other‘s tits and asses.

They both look flushed and are clearly getting aroused and before I even think about it I tell them that they should make out. To my surprise they start french kissing and fondling each other like lovers. It’s really hot and I suddenly realize that I’m jacking off while watching them. Then suddenly I’m naked and on the bed too and we’re all covered in this gel and rubbing all over each other and it feels amazing.

Then it was strange because the next thing I remember is waking up in the bed with them and it’s totally dark, and kind of cold. Also, I don’t remember seeing it, but I know that we all fucked and used the toys on each other. Like vibrators, big dildos, butt plugs, and strap-on‘s. Again I don’t remember seeing it happene, but I just know that we all fucked in multiple ways and they ended up being really turned on by the incest aspect of it. And I know that I let them both fuck me in the ass among other things.

Suddenly the light comes on and it’s blinding and their mother is there and she looks like a total redneck but she has a very sexy body. She’s wearing really tight shorts and a t-shirt. I can see her nipples poking through the shirt. She’s not even surprised that we’re there naked and just says, “Well it looks like you guys had yourselves a hell of a good time!”

I’m surprise that she’s so nonchalant about the whole thing. To my surprise she gets undressed and as she’s walking over to me she says I can’t believe you guys had all that fun without me and she grabs my cock covered in gel and starts to jack me off.

Then a total mindfuck occurs. Suddenly I’m back at my house watching TV and what I’m watching is exactly what was just happening. The naked women next to me on the bed and their mom jacking me off. Then it suddenly changes into a short edit of various clips showing all the fucked up sex we had like you would see in a promo for a porn video.

I can’t remember all of it, but I remember seeing things like all three women kneeling in front of me as I cum into their mouths and on their faces and they are kissing each other with it. Then shots of them fucking each other with strap-ons, fisting each other‘s pussies and assholes, and then me ass fucking their mother while she goes down on one of the girls. It was super fucked up, but very hot. The last thing I remember is jacking off on my couch while watching this on the TV and just before I was going to cum my alarm woke me up.




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