Housewife pt1 (Quick Story)

I wanted to write a quick story after thinking of the idea in the shower this morning. I planned to have most of it done already, but it always takes longer than expected. Here’s the first chapter of a kinky little tale.  Enjoy!

Callie was your average American housewife. Not too weird and not too normal. She had two kids. A son and a daughter. Her son, Phil, had already moved out on his own. Her daughter, Amy, still lived at home and had come out as a lesbian a couple of years earlier. While Calle supported her daughter no matter what, it caused conflict between she and her husband. She was not going to let that asshole affect how she treated her daughter though.

Over time he chilled out a bit, but he never fully let it go. Especially when she started dating other girls, he would gripe about it in private to Callie. Eventually, this led to her feeling rather alienated from her husband. It just so happened around the same time, that Amy had recently turned 20 and was dating a girl a couple of years older than her named Stacy.

Callie could tell that Stacy was kind of bad news. It wasn’t anything overt, but she just had a naughty little twinkle in her eye and the woman occasionally felt like the girl was flirting with her. Also from talking to Amy and watching her interact with Stacy, she got the impression that Amy was more enamored with her girlfriend than the opposite. She felt a bit like Stacy took her daughter for granted and basically treated her like a sexual object.

At some point, Stacy in fact did become more overt in her attempts to flirt with Callie. Part of her felt somewhat flattered that a younger woman found her attractive, but it made things very awkward with regard to her relationship with her daughter. She kept thinking to herself that she should say something to Amy, but she never quite knew how.

Stacy got so bold as to start trying to grab Callie’s ass occasionally and she would whisper in her ear what a hot piece of ass she thought she was. The whole thing made Callie feel nervous and confused, but somehow vaguely titillated. This made her feel very guilty. It didn’t help any that Callie felt distanced from her husband and due to lesbianism being more evident in her daily life, her thoughts about women had been changing a bit.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t help but be attracted to Stacy, as the girl was very attractive and had a sexy body. To make matters worse, Amy asked her if she would give Stacy a massage. Callie had worked at a spa when she was a bit younger and so she occasionally gave her son, husband, and daughter massages. This should have been the time when Callie told Amy about her girlfriend’s behavior towards her, but she still didn’t know how to address it. And since she didn’t address it, she also couldn’t say no to the massage, as that would seem rude.

So she agreed to it and soon found herself alone in a room with the girl on a massage table completely naked except for a towel over her ass. It started off normal enough and they engaged in a bit of chitchat. After a few minutes they both fell silent for a couple of minutes as Callie‘s hands worked the girls muscles. Stacy started moaning slightly in clear enjoyment.

Callie found herself fascinated by the girl’s soft skin and beautiful body. As she continued the massage, Stacy started flirting with her again. She told her how good she was at this and how she wished she could return the favor. The way she said it had clear sexual undertones. Then she got more overt. As Callie worked her lower back and then moved down to her thighs, Stacy told her that it felt incredibly good and that she wasn’t shy if she wanted to remove the towel and massage her ass as well.

Callie tried to play it off as a joke, but the girl wouldn’t let it go. She taunted her to move the towel and told her that she would like what she saw so much that she wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off of it. She then went somewhere that Callie wasn’t expecting. And it was somewhere that turned her on tremendously. She continued talking about Callie working her ass over, but then she started talking about how much she would like it if the woman teased her asshole. Callie herself was actually fairly kinky in her sexual desires, but her husband had never really tapped into it.

She had actually asked him if he wanted to fuck her in the ass the first time they did it. She actually loved anal sex and never got enough of it from her husband. Now here the girl was talking about having her ass played with and she soon went even farther with it. When she saw that Callie didn’t stop her she proceeded to push the boundaries even more, fantasizing out loud. She straight up imagined the woman licking her asshole before working fingers into it, but then she really got Callie’s pussy throbbing. She turned the tables and started imagining that she was the one giving the massage. Now she listened to the girl as she described having her on the table.

The girl talked about fondling her sexy ass, oiling it up, and teasing her pussy and asshole. She described tossing her salad and eating her cunt. Then she talked about inserting a butt plug and fucking the shit out of Callie with a strap on. The housewife’s head was swimming and she didn’t know what to say. Her pussy was on fire, but she felt so guilty about these thoughts and sensations.

She wrapped up the massage quickly and told the girl that though she was flattered by her attraction to her, she should really focus her attention on Amy. The girl responded sassily that she gave Amy plenty of attention, but that she could easily multitask when it came to women. The way she said it implied that probably worked her daughter over regularly.

Stacy then called her out. She pointed out that she knew that the woman was attracted to her because she could tell by the fact that when the girl was openly fantasizing, the woman had said nothing. Callie didn’t know what to say so she simply told her that she could think whatever she wanted and then walked out of the room.

Later Callie found herself thinking back to the massage session. She couldn’t help it. Images kept flashing through her head and it made her tremendously horny. She fought it for a while, but after two days of pondering what the girl had said, she finally masturbated while thinking about it.  She had an incredibly hard cum thinking about the girl doing what she wanted with her. Callie was sexually submissive and it was clear that Stacy was dominant, so the dynamic really turned the woman on despite her guilt.

In fact, she felt terrible once she came down from her climax. Something had to give one way or another. As it turned out things came to a head more quickly than she had anticipated. Stacy changed their relationship single-handedly. Literally.

Callie and her husband, along with Amy and Stacy, took a vacation to New York City. They’d never been and were excited to see the sights. While they were out and about on day two, Stacy started flirting with Callie again in random places. She would whisper something very naughty in her ear when no one was looking. Then when they were riding the train, the girl purposefully positioned herself in such a way that only Callie could see what she was doing. Her husband was standing near her, but facing a different direction. Callie looked up from a brochure and saw Stacy staring at her and smiling wickedly. She then saw the girl left the hem of her short skirt up as she opened her legs. The girl smiled lasciviously at Callie as her completely bare cunt came into view. Callie was surprised and flustered but couldn’t take her eyes off of it for a minute. She quickly caught herself though and averted her gaze.

It freaked her out a little that the girl was being so bold in public, but now that she had seen her pretty little pussy, she couldn’t stop thinking about it. It didn’t help that the girl flashed her again a little later in the day and this time she had a harder time looking away. Stacy knew that Callie was interested and just kept pushing her.

The real turning point however took place the next day. The family all crammed onto a packed train. The light was broken on the end where they were standing. So it was kind of dark and people were pressed fairly tightly up against each other. Callie felt something moving against her right ass cheek and tried to reposition herself slightly to no avail. The rubbing continued lightly and she soon determined that it was probably somebody’s bag or something pressed up against her.

She was wearing a skirt that wasn’t too short, but barely reached just above her knees. She felt the material of the skirt move slightly and suddenly she felt a hand on her bare thigh. For a second she thought maybe her husband was having a little fun and fooling around, but then she realized that the hand was softer and smaller. Before she knew it, it moved up and squeezed her ass a couple of times before slipping underneath her panties.

She realized that Stacy must be doing it and the thought paralyzed her. She knew she should stop it, but she didn’t know how to handle it amongst all of the people and with her husband and daughter standing right there. So, Stacy went under the panties and soon begin to tease Callie’s pussy. This was definitely the time to stop it, but she couldn’t and it started to feel good. The whole idea of what was happening turned her on inexplicably.

Before long, she started to get wet and Stacy slipped a finger inside of her. It was pretty shallow at first, but as it teased in and out of her, it went deeper and deeper. Then the well lubricated digit slipped out and moved up to tease her asshole. Just then, Stacy leaned close to her ear and whispered to her how much she couldn’t wait to properly fuck her. As she said this the lubricated finger started to lightly penetrate her tight anus.

Callie couldn’t believe this was happening and that she was allowing it. Before she knew it, the girl’s entire middle finger was inserted in her asshole and she just left it there. It was totally surreal to have her daughter’s girlfriend’s finger buried in her asshole while surrounded by all these people. It turned her on tremendously and then Stacy leaned close again and said, “You’re going to be mine soon.  I can tell you want it and I’m going to savor dominating my little suburban housewife slut.”

Callie shuddered when she heard the words and then she felt the finger move out of her ass. Suddenly, the girl grabbed her cunt roughly and whispered in her ear, “This hot little pussy is mine and I’m going to take it soon.”

She then let go and things returned to normal more or less. Later that night, Callie had not been able to stop thinking about what happened and how much it turned her on. She took a shower so she could play with her pussy and soon found herself cumming super hard while thinking about the girl plundering her holes with a strap-on. She didn’t know how much longer she could resist the girl’s advances.

As it turned out, she didn’t resist much longer. A few days after they returned from New York, Callie was in the kitchen. It was a Saturday and Amy had to work at her part-time job and Callie‘s husband had left to go fishing with friends. Callie was cleaning up some dishes in the early morning and only had on a small nightie. She knew Stacy was home, but the girl never got up this early, so she was quite startled when she heard her come in the room.

The girl greeted her in a friendly manner and remarked on how groggy she felt, having just woken up. They made a little bit of small talk, but before long the girl put on the moves. She said, “Damn, I should start getting up earlier so that I can see your sexy ass in your skimpy little nighty more often!”

Callie didn’t know how to respond, so she simply continued washing dishes. The girl came over and stood near her and watched her as she finished the last few glasses. When the woman finished, the girl looked at her and said, “Callie, you’re a good little bitch. I appreciate you cleaning up after all of us. I like how submissive you are and how eager you are to please us.”

Callie halfheartedly tried to tell her that what she was saying was inappropriate, but the girl cut her off, glared at her, and viciously hissed, “Shut the fuck up, bitch! We both know you’re my little whore now, so quit trying to act tough.”

Callie was flabbergasted and completely uncertain about how to deal with this. Before she could even formulate her next action the girl grabbed her wrist, dragged her along while saying, “Come over here with me, slut!”

She brought her across the room, then pushed her up against the kitchen table and bent her over it. Callie tried to fight back a little and stand up but the girl was surprisingly strong. Stacy took the sash off the robe she was wearing, and before the woman could even react, quickly tied her hands behind her back. She then kicked Callie‘s legs apart further and lifted up the nighty to expose her ass and pussy. She felt the girl’s eyes staring at her and felt exposed and embarrassed.

Stacy then said, “Fuck! Callie you’re even hotter than I imagined. I am going to have so much fun using your body for my pleasure. But first you need to be shown your place.”

And with that she began spanking the hell out of Callie‘s plump ass. She worked her over good and soon had the older woman sobbing and begging to serve her. The housewife couldn’t believe she’d let this happen, but found it weirdly familiar and enjoyable to be treated this way. Stacy untied her hands and made her take her nighty off. She made her kneel in front of her as she sat in a chair. Then, with only the slightest bit of reluctance on the older woman’s part, she soon had Callie licking her young pussy. Before long the woman was really getting into it and she soon made the girl cum on her face.

It had begun and nothing would ever be the same after this.

Stacy then led her to Amy’s bedroom where she forced her to kneel upon the bed. She worked a small to medium size but plug into Callie’s asshole while further degrading and dominating her. She was told that she was to have a butt plug in at all times going forward. As the woman’s brain was trying to wrap around this instruction, the girl kneel behind her and she felt the rubbery head of a dildo against her wet slit.

It went deeper and deeper, in and out, and soon she was getting thoroughly fucked by her daughter’s girlfriend. The girl was calling her every insulting name under the sun and asserting her dominance over her. Callie couldn’t help but respond and found that it was tremendously arousing to be treated like this by a much younger woman. It was so inappropriate, but that’s what made it hotter. Moments later she was cumming harder than she had ever cum before while screaming Stacy‘s name and agreeing to every command that the girl hurled at her.

Things proceeded from there. Callie was now Stacy’s housewife slut and every chance she got, the girl enacted all of her lascivious, dominant desires.  She made Callie lick her pussy almost every day and anytime they had the house to themselves she fucked Callie in all her holes.

The housewife was horny almost all the time now that things had changed and also the fact that she had a butt plug up her ass all the time didn’t make it any easier. The size of the plug that she had to wear got increasingly large although she was allowed to wear a smaller one when leaving the house.

The girl fucked her with increasingly large dildos as well and she soon could take quite a monster up her ass. Not long after that, she was introduced to fisting and could soon take the girl’s hand in either her pussy or ass. She’d always been curious about a lot of these things and she found that she indeed quite enjoyed having her boundaries pushed like this.

The only problem with this whole set up was that she felt very bad that she was doing these things with her daughter’s girlfriend. She tried to justify it to herself with various reasoning, but she still kept coming to the same conclusion Though she enjoyed the incredibly hot sex with Stacy, she felt really badly towards her daughter and was terrified that their relationship would be destroyed.

As it turned out Stacy had a solution for that as well.

Watch for the next chapter. Things go much further……..


2 thoughts on “Housewife pt1 (Quick Story)

  1. oh my that was so kinky my wife that is 12yr younger then me has never been very kinky before,but as i read this story to her she beged me to rp as her father and she wanted to play a young innocent virgin daughter that needed to be taught by her devient daddy and made a dark fantasey of mine cum true and i came harder all over her smooth shaved pussy then i ever have in my wonderful 52 i say thankyou so very much and please continue.DADDY&BABYGIRL!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad to hear that that you both liked it and that it turned your wife on so much that she wanted to engage in some incest role playing. Very hot! I have only been lucky enough to have done this with a girlfriend once or twice. It’s one of my favorite kinks for better ir worse. I’ll try to finish a new chapter soon. I don’t get a lot of traffic on this page, so I didn’t think there was much interest.


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