Please let me know if you’d like more chapters of this.  It can definitely go much further.  Thanks!

A little disclaimer: I like to write about very kinky sexual situations, but I want to be clear about something. In real life I don’t believe that forcing or coercing someone into something they don’t want to do is ok. Ever. I may be a pervert, but I’m a decent person and don’t think that nonconsensual sexual acts are ok to inflict upon anyone.

Maria was a shy, quiet girl. She was introverted and a little odd, but in an interesting way to those who knew her. She was very different from her mother and sister, who were both very outgoing and socially active people. They were both very popular and always hassled Maria for being so quiet and weird. She was also very pretty and they were both somewhat jealous of her. They worked out regularly and spent a decent amount of money on cosmetics, hair appointments, and spa treatments.

Maria didn’t spend much time worrying about her appearance and yet men, and sometimes women, would show more interest in her than either of her relatives. This drove them nuts, as they felt that she didn’t deserve the attention since she didn’t care about it. They just didn’t seem to understand that she was simply a different kind of person and social situations could be very awkward for her. 

Tensions had been high between them recently, as Maria had moved back in with her mother temporarily. She was 22 and had recently broken up with her boyfriend who she had been living with. She had liked him a lot at first, and he opened her up to some kinky sex practices that really got her motor running, but he was also a douche bag who didn’t respect her. So she finally broke it off and had no choice, but to move back home. 

Her mother, Susan, wasn’t happy about her daughter moving back in, and she was also pissed off that she broke up with the guy because she liked him. So she hassled her about this as well and claimed that Maria was the one with the problem. Her sister Jennifer, who was a year younger, was at a local college, but she stopped by all the time. She too derided Maria for all of the above. 

They would often gang up on her when they were together and it got really old, but Maria usually just held her tongue. She felt weak for this but her mother, who was divorced, had gotten an amazing settlement from her father. She would give Maria a monthly allowance that was actually fairly generous. The caveat was that her mother would hold it over her head pretty regularly. Maria felt bad about taking the money and for allowing them to walk all over her, but also appreciated free money. It meant that she didn’t really have to have much more than a part-time job to survive. 

She kept imagining that if she could just save up a little money and get her own apartment again, she would be able get away from their shitty behavior towards her. And she hoped that someday she would be able to stop accepting the money altogether, so that she would feel more free to speak her mind. 

A few weeks after moving in with her mother, things went from bad to worse in terms of their treatment of her. Her mother was constantly on her case and criticized her for basically everything. One day, while her sister was over, they were really going at her and she finally lost her temper and broke a plate. Her mother flipped her lid and slapped the shit out of her, telling her that she would not act that way while she lived with her. This infuriated Maria so much that she broke another plate, just to show her disapproval. Now her mother really blew her top, and her sister was totally on her side.

Susan spun her around and pushed her against the counter while telling Jennifer to come over and help her. She did as requested and helped her mother hold Maria down so that she could spank the shit out of her. Maria felt so humiliated and it angered her tremendously. But there wasn’t much she could do against the two of them, so she had to sit there and endure about 20 hard swats on her ass. About halfway through the spanking a weird thought passed through her head. She realized, on some level, that she felt vaguely aroused by the fact that she was being held down and spanked. 

The thought kind of freaked her out. So between that and the rest of the debacle, she ran screaming from the room as soon as they let her go. She then locked herself in her bedroom. She cried and pouted a bit and thought about what had happened. She could not believe they had treated her the way they had and she felt bad for not being able to do anything about it. She also thought about the weird idea that went through her mind and tried to figure out why something like that would turn her on. 

After considering it a bit, she chalked it up to just being similar to some things she had done with her ex-boyfriend. He had gotten her into spanking, bondage, and being submissive.  He also got her into anal sex and eventually she found that she sometimes like being fucked in the ass more than anything else. She had had some of the strongest orgasms of her life while he was balls deep in her tight little asshole. 

After that she became obsessed with ass play and loved getting her tight anus stretched open with a butt plug, fingers, or some other toy. So, after she processed her thoughts a bit, she just figured that her body had simply responded to the stimulus of being held down and spanked. After that, she didn’t talk to her mother or sister for at least two days and after that, still as little as possible.

About a week later, she and her mother were having dinner. Her mother asked her to get her a glass of wine. Maria was irritated by the request because her mother could just as easily get up and get it herself, but she was purposefully trying to assert her dominance or something. 

While walking back to the table with the wine, she was so angry that she wasn’t paying attention and tripped over the edge of the carpet. This caused her to spill the wine all over the place. Her mother flew off the handle, as expected, and came at her. She tried to swing at her face, but Maria grabbed her hand and prevented her from hitting her. Then a slight struggle ensued that only ended when her mother told her that she was going to bend her over her knee and spank her again.

Maria told her there was no way she was going to let her do that again, but then her mother went right for the jugular. She threatened to withhold her monthly allowance and Maria’s jaw dropped. She could not believe the bitch was going there with this thing. 

After considering her options for a moment, she finally begrudgingly agreed. Her mother sat down in a chair and told her to pull her jeans down and bend over her lap. She said she wasn’t going to spank her through her jeans this time. She wanted to make sure it hurt. 

Maria was angry, humiliated, nervous, and vaguely confused by her feelings about the situation. She lowered her jeans and leaned over her mother’s lap as directed. Susan grabbed her firmly and began to spank the shit out of her ass cheeks. Her panties were very small, so they didn’t help lessen the blows much. And her mother was purposefully aiming for skin, so it would sting. It did initially shock and pain her, but as before, she soon found her self almost enjoying it. In fact, the harder her mother spanked, the more her pussy throbbed. 

She could not believe herself or her body’s response. She felt betrayed by her own biology. She kept begging for her mother to stop, but by the end of it, instead of saying, “Oh, mommy! Please stop!”, she was simply too aroused and began occasionally saying simply, “Oh, mommy!”

Her mother did not perceive her arousal and simply continued administering the spanking and told her to shut up. When she was done with the punishment, she told her daughter to get out of her sight. So, Maria pulled her pants up quickly and ran to her room and locked the door. She felt so confused and upset. Part of her was humiliated and angry at the treatment she had received, but part of her found being spanked and humiliated, incredibly arousing. What was wrong with her? She felt so guilty for the feelings she was having. 

She was so worked up however, that before she knew it, she had unbuttoned her jeans and slipped her hand into her panties and began to play with her soaking wet pussy. The more she thought about it, the guiltier she felt, but at the same time, it turned her on tremendously. She tried to imagine some of the things she and her boyfriend used to do, but images of her mom spanking her over her lap kept popping into her head. She soon came hard with a very strong vision of her mom spanking her bare ass. 

For the next few days after this she could barely make eye contact with her mother and she felt very guilty. A few more days passed however, and she began to feel less guilt and more straight up arousal. She thought to herself that she needed to get fucked or something to get these thoughts out of her head. The problem was, she was so awkward and didn’t have any guys that she felt comfortable using for a booty call. So, she suffered in silence and found herself masturbating more regularly than she ever had before.  

She started wearing a butt plug for much of the day, and this along with naughty thoughts that wouldn’t leave her alone, had her in a state of constant erotic torture. After about a month and a half, she had completely integrated her perverse thoughts and feelings and now brazenly fantasized about being spanked by her own mother. She got to the point where she was considering pissing her off just so she could get another spanking from mommy. She knew she was fucked up, but didn’t care. She had already embraced various other taboos and this was just a new one. The only difference now, was that she didn’t want her mother to find out, because she knew that it would just be another reason for her to insult and abuse her. She didn’t want to give her mother and sister that power. 

In any event, the decision was soon taken out of her hands. Her mother and sister ganged up on her again one day and it really pissed her off. She started acting equally nasty to them and they didn’t like her pushing back. Her sister had to leave at the height of the conflict, but as soon as she walked out of the door, Maria’s mother told her to follow her into the living room. 

She did as she was told and when she entered, she found her mother sitting on the couch.  Maria stared daggers at her.  Susan sternly beckoned her over and told her to drop her jeans and bend over her lap for a spanking. She was suddenly conflicted because she was furious with her mother, but she knew this was also an opportunity to feed her insatiable desire. 

So, she resisted a little at first and again, her mother threatened withholding her allowance. She realized again that she wasn’t going to fight it. So, she walked over, pulled her jeans down, and soon found herself bent over her mother’s lap again.

Susan was even more vicious in her spanking this time, but she took longer to do it. She smacked the shit out of each cheek alternately and would occasionally stop to even admire her handiwork. She commented on how red her ass was and how it was going to get much redder. 

Not long into it, Maria had already gone into an almost euphoric state and her pussy was vibrating. Her liquid also eventually began to soak the crotch of her panties. She now began to get nervous because she felt certain that her mother would notice it. In fact, she could actually smell faint hints of her own aroma and wondered if her mother could as well. 

To her relief, her mother finished the punishment and told her to stand up and pull her jeans up. She stood up and went to lift her jeans but her mother stopped her. She tried to keep going but her mother insisted. She stared right at her crotch with a look of amazement on her face.  Suddenly she said, “Oh my fucking God!  Your panties are soaked!  You fucking freak! Are you getting off on this!”

Maria didn’t know what to say and stammered before being interrupted again. Her mother said, “ Holy shit! You are getting off on this aren’t you, you little pervert?”

Maria just looked down at the ground and her mother continued, “Oh this will not do! Next time you make me spank you, I’ll make damn sure you don’t enjoy it, you fucking weirdo! Get out of my sight.”

Maria ran to her bedroom crying. She was mortified. Her mother had found out that it turned her on to get spanked hard. The fact that it was by her own mother would only make her think she was weirder than she was. She felt so guilty and sat there sulking for at least 30 minutes before she started to calm down a bit. 

In her mind, she went back over everything and before she knew it, her hand had worked its way between her legs again. She soon found herself masturbating furiously while thinking about her mother spanking her. The pain and humiliation turned her on so much for some reason and before long, she came hard thinking about her mom furiously spanking her plump little ass. When she came down from her orgasm however, she knew that things were going to be even more difficult going forward.  

Maria was right. The next day, she went into the kitchen and her mother and sister were in there. The two of them immediately started in on her.  Jennifer made fun of her for being a pervert and her mother soon joined in. She felt incredibly embarrassed, but she did not dignify their comments with a response.   Her sister was taunting her ruthlessly and soon said that they should hold her down and punish her again but then she said that she might like it too much. This was followed by both of them laughing at her sardonically. 

Maria finished preparing her microwave meal and walked out of the room. As she left, her sister was calling her a “fucking freak” and was saying that she would spread this around town, but she didn’t want to be known as the girl whose sister was an incestuous pervert. Maria was at least thankful for the fact that they probably wouldn’t tell anybody because it would reflect badly on them and they were so protective of their reputations. 

After that, she just avoided them as much as possible and spent a lot of time in her room. She was having trouble getting a job and her mother was getting on her case relentlessly.  She was trying her best, but kept getting passed over for jobs. She was starting to feel desperate because her mother was getting increasingly agitated. 

It finally came to a head one day when a job she thought she definitely had fell through. Her mother was pissed about that, but also came home in a foul mood to find that there were dirty dishes in the sink. Maria was supposed to do all the chores since she didn’t have a job and she was going to wash the dishes, but her mom came home a little earlier than expected. In fact she had a butt plug in her ass and was using a vibrator on her pussy, which had her super close to cumming, when she heard Susan yell her name and ask her to get downstairs. 

She got up and headed to the kitchen, where she found her mother staring at her with a look of pure vengeance on her face. She questioned her viciously about why the dishes weren’t done. Maria tried to explain that she was about to get up and do them, but didn’t expect her home so soon. Unfortunately her mother wasn’t having any of it.

She told her that these chores have to get done and that she would not accept half-assed excuses from her weirdo daughter who was also an unemployed loser. She told her that she would be kicked out if this happened again, because if she couldn’t get a job, she could at least keep the house clean. 

She worked herself up into a fury and said suddenly, “Come with me to my room. You’re going to get a punishment that you aren’t going to like. I don’t care how much of a pervert you are.”

Maria tried to interrupt her and ask her to calm down, but her mother wasn’t listening. She was terrified because she still had a butt plug in her ass and didn’t want her mother to see it and make fun of her for that too. But there was no opportunity to take it out, as her mom grabbed her arm and started to drag her to her bedroom.  

When they got there, she threw her onto the end of the bed so that she was leaning forward on it and her ass was sticking up and out. She was wearing some skimpy shorts and no panties. So, when her mother basically tore them off of her, her freshly shaved pussy and ass were on display. Her mother didn’t notice the plug at first, as she had walked over to her closet just after tearing her shorts off. She grabbed something from the closet and came back over to where her daughter was awaiting her punishment. 

Maria looked back quickly and saw that she was holding a stick. She realized that this is what her mother was going to be hitting her with. Her ex-boyfriend had used a cane on her a couple of times and though it hurt like a bitch, just as with everything else, it turned her on in the long run. She was a bit of a pain slut, so her mother’s attempts at punishment probably would not have the desired affect. 

Her mind was quickly ripped away from these thoughts however by her mother saying, “What the fuck? You little deviant!  Is this what you were doing all day instead of cleaning up the house properly?  Putting toys in your asshole you little slut?!”

Maria tried to offer her some explanation, but her mother simply disregarded her words and interrupted her. She simply told her to, “shut the fuck up!”, and then began mercilessly slashing her ass with the thin stick. It hurt like hell, but as before, the longer it lasted, the more she got into it. Having the plug in her ass did not help at all. Her pussy was soon drooling on to her mother’s comforter.  

She was legitimately screaming in pain at first and begging her mother to stop. But soon there were multiple painful looking slashes across her ass and thighs and her mother saw them and felt a vague sense of pity. She was still angry however and so she switched to using her hand. She was spanking her harder than she ever had though. She thought that if she just hit her hard enough, the girl wouldn’t respond sexually. 

She didn’t know that Maria was now in a state of pain, pleasure, and ecstasy. The cane had been pretty intense, but now that her mother was using her hand, she just enjoyed it. And without even realizing it she started moaning, “Oh mommy, mommy…..oh my god….yes, mommy. Please, spank me! I’ve been so bad!”

Her mother heard her tone of voice and the arousal therein and then she noticed her soaking wet cunt and realized that her daughter was getting off on this even. She could not fucking believe it. She knew that some people liked this kind of thing and in fact she like being spanked some her self, but she didn’t think that her daughter would get aroused by this level of pain. 

Her initial response was anger and disgust at how much of a pervert her daughter was. But as she sat there thinking about it and looking at her helpless daughter’s soaked pussy and juicy little ass, that was now bright red and also filled with a plug, she found her thinking changing. She was no prude, and had her own perverted desires. She preferred men, but had had her share of women lovers as well. 

She had to admit that her daughter had a sexy little body, and seeing her bent over like this and so turned on, suddenly made her own pussy throb. Maria was confused by the fact that her mother wasn’t saying anything, but was also no longer spanking her. A switch in her mother’s mind flipped and her take on everything shifted in an instant. She pondered again for a moment, but soon told Maria to stand up and take the rest of her clothes off.

Maria was now even more confused.  She hesitated a moment and her mom snapped at her once more to get up and “take her fucking clothes off!”

So, she got up and did as requested. Soon, she was standing in front of her mother completely naked and her mother was looking her up and down. She thought she saw the glint of arousal in her mother’s eyes and felt like she was being appraised. Weirdly it turned her on even more. Soon her mother told her, “Lay the fuck back on the bed. We’ll see if you enjoy this.”

She laid back on the bed and her mother told her to move further up the mattress and put her legs up on the end of the bed. This left her soaking, throbbing pussy completely open and on display for her mother. Before she knew it, her mother began spanking her cunt. It shocked her and hurt and she yelped after the first two smacks. She wasn’t hitting her as hard as she had her ass, but this was a much more sensitive area obviously. 

This actually did hurt and at first Maria was in a great deal of pain and tears welled up in her eyes. But after a couple of more smacks she started to actually like it. The fact that she was in this fucked up situation, staring at her mother’s face as she spanked her daughter’s pussy, now caused her to get even hornier, to her own amazement. 

Susan noticed the change and saw that her daughter was even beginning to get off on this. She couldn’t believe it, but it actually turned her on as well. Her own daughter was a little pain slut. Susan had fantasized about having her way with a woman before, and spanking a slut’s cunt was one of the things she’d always wanted to do. She couldn’t believe that the person she ended up actually doing this with was her own flesh and blood, but she was trying not to think about that too much. 

She couldn’t believe her eyes and ears when after a few more more rapid fire, but lighter smacks, her slut of a daughter began to scream and cum. She loudly moaned, “Oh god! Yes mommy! Spank my pussy! I have been so bad. You need to spank my pussy good and punish me for being such a slutty weirdo bitch!”

Maria couldn’t even believe the words were coming out of her mouth, but she didn’t care as her vaginal muscles begin to contract. She came her brains out on her own mother’s hand.  

Susan was now enraptured by this thing and wanted to take it even further. She told her daughter to stay there and walked over to her nightstand and grabbed something. She came back over with lube and told her daughter to move up to the head of the bed and lay down with her legs open. 

She now undressed herself and Maria could see that her nipples were completely stiff. She realized that her own mother was turned on by this now. For some reason her brain was filled with joy, but she didn’t know what to expect next. Her thoughts were interrupted when her mother’s body was now fully unveiled.  She was in excellent shape and Maria found her self tremendously turned on by her own mother’s sexy body. 

Susan’s tits were larger than her own and Maria found it arousing as fuck to think about playing with them and doing other things with her mom. She also noticed that her mom’s pussy was moist and glistening.  She suddenly wanted to taste her very badly but she was here to follow directions, not make her own fucked up desires known. 

Susan began to lube up her fingers, and in fact, her whole hand. Maria was confused about what was going to happen. She put one hand on her thigh and then moved her lubed up fingers to the mouth of her own daughters soaked slit. As she pushed two fingers in roughly, she said, “I got another challenge for you, you fucking slut! We’ll see if you like this shit.”

Now her mother begin thrusting the two fingers roughly in and out of her cunt and with very little warm-up, she soon worked a third and fourth finger in.  As she forcefully fingered and stretched Maria’s abused pussy, she started saying all kinds of nasty stuff to her about what a whore pervert she was. This just got Maria going even more as she loved being humiliated. 

Before long, Susan worked her thumb in as well and half her fucking hand was now in her own daughter’s leaking pussy. Of course, Maria had picked up what mommy was going to do and was actually eagerly anticipating it. It was uncomfortable, but the pleasure and the erotic thoughts around it, took precedent.  Soon she felt more pressure and realized that her mother was trying to push her whole fucking fist in her cunt. She began to feel an amazing mix of pain and pleasure. 

She stared into her mother’s eyes, as she saw her gazing at her fingers forcing their way into Maria’s nasty, stretched out pussy. It didn’t take long before her whole hand popped inside and Maria screamed out in ecstasy. Her mother moaned from arousal as well. She started to pinch her own nipple as she worked her hand in and out of her daughter’s pussy. It was made even tighter by the plug in her ass.

Maria was soon on the verge of cumming and she made eye contact with her mother one more time and saw how turned on she was and began to have the most explosive orgasm she’d ever felt, while begging her mother to fist her fucking pussy. 

Things had now changed between them forever and they both weren’t sure what they were headed for but they looked forward to it with eager anticipation. Maria was now her own mother’s submissive little slut bitch and they both wanted to take this much much further. 

Susan was now on autopilot overdrive. While fist fucking her daughter, she couldn’t touch herself. So her pussy was on fire. She needed relief immediately. So after Maria caught her breath, her mother had her move a little further towards the foot of the bed. She straddled her daughter’s face and forced her soaked cunt onto her mouth. She said, “Lick my pussy and make me cum, you slut!”

Maria was more than willing to oblige and savored her first taste of her own mother’s cunt. Susan had straddled her in a 69 position, so her own face was above her daughter’s sex. After the treatment she’d been given, her aroma was rather strong, but intoxicating.  With Maria’s tongue working her pussy over, she felt compelled to return the favor and buried her face in Maria’s abused cunt. The girl hadn’t anticipated this and her mother’s tongue felt amazing. It had all happened so fast that neither woman could believe they were, as mother and daughter, eating each other out. They both found it tremendously arousing. 

Maria was licking her mother’s tasty folds with such fervor that her magical tongue had Susan cumming in no time. Alternately, her mother had spied the lube nearby on the bed and grabbed it. Soon, Maria felt the plug being slowly pulled from her asshole. It was quickly replaced by two of her mother’s lubed fingers. Between her Susan’s tongue on her clit and the knowledge that her own mother was fingering her asshole, she quickly returned to a state of euphoria. 

Maria moaned loudly, as her mother went to town on her. Her tongue danced on her clit and soon she forced another finger into her ass and was stretching her daughter’s tight hole quite well now. In fact, she soon formed her fingers into a cone and had all five of them pumping in and out of Maria’s formerly tight anus. With such stimulus, it wasn’t long before Maria screamed out with another orgasm. 

What pushed her over the edge was thinking about her mother’s fingers in her ass and how she wanted her to push her whole fist inside her asshole too. She had always loved being opened up, but she’d never been fisted until today. She now wanted to feel a fist in her ass, as well as her pussy. She wanted to be treated like a cheap, degraded whore by her own mother. And it seemed that her mother was up to the challenge. 

Once she finished cumming, her mother rolled off of her and they both laid there catching their breath.  Each pondered what had happened, and while Maria felt very little guilt, her mother began to question her actions almost immediately. She asked Maria to go to her room and give her some time alone to think about what they had done. There was no anger in her voice, but Maria could tell that she was confused by how things had panned out. 

So Maria got up, grabbed her clothes, and quietly left the room. She went to her own bed and laid down and almost immediately fell asleep. Her body had been through quite a lot and she felt exhausted. She had no regrets though, and it was the kind of exhaustion that comes from amazing sex. 

For a couple of days afterwards, Susan couldn’t even make eye contact with her daughter. They didn’t talk much and Maria could tell that the gravity of what they had done was weighing on her mother heavily. She wanted to reassure her that it was OK, but she also knew that her mother was a stubborn woman and had to deal with this herself. 

When Susan finally did address the subject three days later, it was almost as if she was a different person. The anger was gone and she spoke to Maria in a very loving fashion. She apologized for what they had done and for letting things get that far out of hand. She told her that it was incredibly wrong that they had had sex. 

Maria finally responded and told her that it wasn’t wrong. She told her in fact that it had been the most intense, arousing, and beautiful sex she had ever had in some ways. She went on to say that she hadn’t intended for things to turn sexual between them either, but when it did, she found that she loved it. She explained also that if her mom hadn’t noticed, she was basically a submissive pain slut and that though it was weird at first, once she wrapped her head around the taboo of incest, she discovered that being humiliated abused and pleasured by her own mother was about the most erotic thing she could even imagine. 

She told Susan not to feel bad about it at all because she didn’t, and in fact she wanted more. Her mother didn’t immediately respond and she could see that she was considering her words. She finally replied, making another weak argument against them doing anything else in the future, but Maria was having none of it and reiterated her belief that there was nothing wrong with it. She punctuated it by walking up to her mother, hugging her tightly before kissing her sensuously. To her surprise, her mother melted into her embrace and soon they were French kissing like long-lost lovers. 

After a bit of making out however, Susan stopped the festivities and told her daughter that she felt better about things, but that she still needed to think some. To Maria’s shock and amazement, her mother told her that she loved her and apologized for how poorly she and her sister had been treating her. She explained that there were reasons for the way she felt, but that they were mostly petty and had more to do with her own issues than anything Maria had done. She told her that going forward things would be different. 

Maria was overjoyed to hear this and told her mother so, but she also added that if they ever played again in the future she was OK with being abused and humiliated in that context. They both laughed and Susan gave her daughter another hug and a quick peck on the lips before heading out to do some grocery shopping. 

As Susan drove alone she thought about everything and though she still felt a lot of guilt she had to admit that the dynamic between them was incredibly arousing. Visions of the nasty stuff they had done made her pussy vibrate with a strong sexual charge. She wasn’t sure if she should perpetuate this kind of relationship with her own daughter, but she sure wanted to. In fact the more she thought about it, the more she got even kinkier ideas. She even wondered if they could get Jennifer involved somehow. A vision went through her mind of her and Jennifer double penetrating Maria with strap-on‘s and she almost came right then and there. 

To be continued?

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