Performance Art

A little disclaimer: I like to write about very kinky sexual situations, but I want to be clear about something. In real life I don’t believe that forcing or coercing someone into something they don’t want to do is ok. Ever. I may be a pervert, but I’m a decent person and don’t think that nonconsensual sexual acts are ok to inflict upon anyone.

Megan had been at art school for a couple of years and had also started doing her own performance pieces in the last eight months. She enjoyed being creative and also forcing people to think differently about their shared culture. Her favorite stuff was very transgressive and challenging to the audience. Her own work generally centered around such things as gender identity and sexuality, how the human interacts with capitalism, power relationships, and individual will.

She had been wanting to do something that really challenged people and would perhaps help her make a name for herself as an artist. She had a number of ideas that she been rolling around in her head, but nothing was jumping out at her.

It wasn’t until she was hanging out with another friend who was also really into this type of art that she came up with what she thought might be an interesting idea. They were discussing other older performance artists and some of the work that they had done. An idea came to her that she had to think about some as it was definitely something to really consider before setting it in motion.

She spent a few days pondering the logistics of the whole thing and she decided that she wanted to actually try it. The only challenge at this point was that she would have to get her mother, Allison, on board.

It took a couple of days, but she finally worked up the courage to bring the subject up with her mom. Her mother had always been very supportive of her interest in art and in fact had encouraged it from a young age. This was going to require a lot more of a commitment than just being supportive.

When she finally mentioned it to her, she was totally cool about it, but due to the nature of the piece she said she was going to have to think about it for a couple of days. Megan totally understood. This was a potentially dangerous act to engage in.

After a couple of days of deliberation her mother, to her surprise, agreed to take part. She was excited but also nervous about the whole thing. This could end up being very awkward, painful, weird, or disgusting. She made sure her mother understood these things.

The basic premise was this. In the performance space, she and her mother would be the performance art subjects. They would both dress in sexy clothing that was skimpy and the audience would be told that for the given duration of the performance they could do anything they wanted to or with either woman. They could also tell them what to do. There would be a number of items available that could be employed in any way that the audience chose. They would also be made aware that the two women were mother and daughter.

The piece was meant to be a commentary on not only the fact that women are not in control of their own bodies often in our culture, but the fetishization of women even in a familial context. Megan had noticed that there was a preponderance of incest related porn and that MILFs and cougars had become quite a popular trend.

Essentially she would be challenging the audience to not treat them that way, but she really wasn’t sure what kind of results she would get. On the wall it would say in big letters, “Porn Is Not Life and Life Is Not Porn.”

The available items were really a mixed bag. There were kitchen implements, house cleaning implements, cosmetics and sex toys. There were a number of other random things as well.

She knew that this might turn out very well or very poorly. She thought that she had to give it a try and her mother supported her fully. They were both fairly nervous about it, but were willing to give it a shot.

It took some planning, but she set up a date for the performance and arranged a performance space. It would be in a little over a month, so she started to promote it soon thereafter. She had set it up in a different city so that people that she directly knew wouldn’t be likely to show up. This could end up being very embarrassing, so she was just trying to be careful.

Unfortunately about a week before the performance was to take place, the venue where she was going to have it fell through because of some property issues. The city was shutting them down until they made some repairs to the building.

This was quite a disappointment, but she didn’t let it deter her. The person who organized events for the original performance space had some suggestions for back up spots. She called one of the places and was able to book the day. The problem with this was that she now had to change the location on the internet and try to put out the flyers quickly.

She knew that this would probably lessen the number of people that would actually show up, but she really wanted to go through with the performance still. Unfortunately for her, this did end up being the case. A number of people were confused now about where it was happening and some people didn’t realize that the location had changed. Also there was apathy, as many thought it sounded interesting, but ended up not even trying to show up.

So the night of the performance she and her mother set up in the space and started the show. She had to admit she was disappointed in the new spot as it was in a weird neighborhood and wasn’t the nicest looking place from the outside. The space itself was OK, but she was worried that the external appearance and location would deter people.

Unfortunately she was right. For the first hour only two people showed up. It was a couple and though they seemed nice enough they were actually kind of jerks. They told her to call her mother all kinds of nasty names while giggling the whole time. Nobody was there to stop them or comment on it so they felt comfortable acting this way. Before they left they even made her mother take her panties off and put them in her mouth before removing her top and bra.

So now her mother was literally wearing a short skimpy skirt only and was walking around with her panties in her mouth. So it hadn’t started off great.

The person that ran the event space had shown up and helped them set up, but had another commitment at another space they managed.  So there was only an older security guard that was manning the front door of the building. Not that it seemed to matter since almost no one had shown up.

At about the hour and a half mark, a group of five people came in and they were much nicer than the first group for the most part. They had more fun with it and were a lot more good-natured, though one of the guys did fondle her mother‘s tits. His friends chided him for it however, so it didn’t last long.

They mostly made jokes and posed the women in silly positions.  They made them clean parts of the room with the some of the house implements. Their ideas weren’t very inspired and both women were thankful when they finally left.

When they had about an hour and 40 minutes left of the performance, a group of four showed up. It was three guys and a woman. They seemed nice initially, but things changed considerably very quickly.

The woman, out of all of them, was the one that changed things. First, she had Megan remove her mother’s skirt so that she was now completely naked. Them she had her mom sit in a chair and told Megan to give her a lap dance while taking off all her clothes.

It was very odd to do this to her own mother. To her surprise she found herself getting vaguely aroused and also thought it seemed like her mother was enjoying watching her naked body. It only got more humiliating from there.

When she was done giving the lap dance, her mother was instructed to feel her pussy to see if it was wet. To her embarrassment she was wet and her mothers fingers were glistening with her juices. The group really enjoyed this and took it to the next level by making her mother clean her fingers with her mouth.

Neither Megan nor Alison could believe that this was happening.  Megan’s own mother was tasting her daughter’s pussy off of her fingers. She considered ending the performance piece but that was against every belief she had ever held about sticking to your guns even if the performance is challenging.

While she was thinking about this, one of the men told Allison to come over to where he was leaning against a table.  He told her mother to kneel in front of him, which she did. He then instructed her to open his pants and pull his cock out. Megan didn’t know what to think and wasn’t sure what her mother would do, but to her surprise she actually pulled the guy’s cock out.

He then told her to suck him, and again, to her astonishment, her mother took the guy’s dick in her mouth and began to give him a blowjob. She couldn’t believe the brazenness of these people, but she also couldn’t believe that she and her mother were doing these things.

The two other guys walked up behind her mother and began to play with her ass and pussy while she sucked their friend. While this was happening, the girl came up behind Megan and began to play with her tits while pressing her body against her. The girl was very attractive and it felt good, so for a moment Megan kind of enjoyed it.

Before she even realized what was happening however she felt something moist and cool pressing against her asshole. The girl was inserting a lubricated butt plug into her ass.  She was completely surprised that things had turned this sexual. She now began to realize how naïve she had been about this whole thing. People were pretty fucked up.

Before long, the entire plug was inserted in her ass and she felt quite full, as it was a large plug. The girl sat in a chair in front of her and told her to kneel.  She scooted her ass up to the edge, lifted her skirt and presented her completely shaved, pretty little pussy. Megan was then instructed to lick her, and so here she was kneeling on the ground with a butt plug in her ass, licking some stranger’s cunt. Simultaneously, her mother was sucking some stranger’s cock while being molested by two other strangers.

Though she couldn’t believe that they were going through with this, she found herself getting aroused despite the weirdness of the situation. Hearing her mother slurping on a cock and being gagged, as well as hearing the groans of the man she was sucking, was turning her own even more for some reason. She really never thought things would get quite this extreme.

As she continued eating the girl out, she heard the guy as he came in her mother’s mouth and told her to swallow all his fucking cum. Her mother didn’t say anything and appeared to just comply with the order. She heard the man grunting as he finished filling her mother’s mouth with spunk, which she presumably slurped down. This turned her on tremendously for some reason. She felt really guilty about it.

Without even thinking about it, she had gotten really into eating this girl’s pussy and soon had her cumming on her face. Surprisingly, the girl thanked her and then stood up and told her that she could stand as well. When she looked over at her mother she was shocked to find she was sucking another guy off and the third dude was now fucking her and  had his thumb up her asshole. She could not believe that this was happening.

The girl saw the look of surprise on her face and said, “Oh yeah….the fun is just getting started!”

She didn’t know what this meant, but she would find out very soon. The girl took her by the hand and walked her over near her mother and told her to watch as she got used by strangers. When she was in her mother’s peripheral vision she could tell slightly that she was incredibly humiliated to have this witnessed by her daughter. It didn’t seem to stop her from giving a hell of a blowjob though. Also, she was starting to moan against her will from the nice hard fucking she was getting.

The third guy, who had already cum, now walked up behind Megan and pressed himself against her. She could feel his cock against her ass and soon he slid his hands around her waist and one of them went between her legs and began to finger her pussy while she watched her mother being treated like a cheap slut. He commented on how wet she was and suggested that she might be getting off on watching her own mother get fucked.

The guy she was sucking now began to fill her mouth with another load of cum. Between everything that it already happened and the fingers teasing her clit she found herself far more turned on by everything then she felt OK with. Seeing her mother with a mouthful of cum and some of it dripping from her face while she got pounded by some dude was really kind of hot.

Now that her mouth was empty, her mother’s sounds of getting off became much louder. She began to cuss as the guy fucked her deep and hard and had his thumb pressed all the way inside her ass. She began to cum on his cock and just kept moaning and saying, “Fuck yes! Fuck me. Oh my god, that feels so fucking good! Make me cum! Sorry you have to see this honey.”

Megan told her mother not to worry and enjoy it. Right after this, the guy fucking her pulled out and shot an enormous load of spunk all over her pussy and asshole. Once he was done stroking his cock making sure all remnants of his load were upon her mother, the guy fingering her told Megan to kneel down right behind her mother. She had some idea of what he was going to say, but it still shocked her when he told her to clean her mothers pussy and ass off with her mouth.

She froze for minute and didn’t know what to do. These people had really taken this too far, but at the same time, she and her mother had taken this challenge on themselves. With that she steeled herself and began to lap at her mother’s cunt. There was a lot of cum and it was everywhere, so she really had her tongue all up in her mother’s pussy and all over her asshole. She had seen stuff like this in porn and it sometimes turned her on. Now that she was actually doing it, part of her was getting quite aroused, but part of her was of course confused because this was her own mother.

She heard the people laughing and marveling at the fact that the daughter was eating the mother’s ass and pussy. They were all immensely turned on by as well. When she finished cleaning up all the cum, they were both told to stand up. They told her mom to bend over the table and Megan was told to stand behind her. She was then instructed to punish her mother for being a whore. So, she was expected to spank her while telling her what a slut she was for fucking and sucking strangers. She felt bad about it, but did as they requested.

Her mother whimpered softly as her own daughter punished her sexually by spanking her pale ass. Her mother yelped, as she was told to spank her cunt as well. After this, they were told to change positions and now her mother was the one punishing her. She actually happened to enjoy being spanked and got turned on by a bit of pain, so as if everything else that happened wasn’t enough, she was now getting even more wet from her mother spanking her.

Once they were satisfied with the punishments, one of the guys told them, “That was really good! Why don’t y’all kiss and make up?”

And with that they were instructed to make out and french kiss like lovers. They did as instructed and both women felt very weird having to kiss so intimately. They could each taste the cum they had recently swallowed. Unbeknownst to her daughter, Allison, though initially reluctant, had found this entire thing to be quite a turn on.

She had fantasized about group sex and being dominated a lot over the years, and she and her ex husband had done a little swinging, but nothing like this. The only real hurdle for her was the incest thing, but to her surprise she found herself being tremendously turned on by being forced to do it.

Of course, when she thought about it, she had to admit that nobody was forcing them to do anything. They were in vague moral territory and had she not been so turned on, she might have already ended this thing before it started.

The women’s individual thoughts were interrupted when they were told to stop kissing. Allison was told to lay down on the table and once she was in position, Megan was told to get on top of her in a 69. They were then instructed to make each other cum. Both women felt very guilty and strange doing this, but they each thought they had already done so many things, what would this matter?

They each begin tentatively licking the other’s pussy and the more that they worked on each other the better it felt and the more they got into it, until soon Allison was getting tremendously aroused by the thought that her own daughter was eating her out. She had no idea that her daughter was feeling the same way towards her.

Of course most women like having their pussy licked. In this case both women liked other women to some extent. This combined with the arousal that came with being told what to do, and it being such a taboo scenario, had really started to turn both women on quite a bit. So, they were soon going to town on each other.

The group of people were really getting off on it. Two of the guys were jacking off near them, egging them on and telling them how kinky and nasty they were. The other guy and girl had moved over to a nearby table. He was fucking her over the table as they watched the mother and daughter eat each other out.

Allison was getting very close and soon was telling her daughter, “Oh yes, baby! Keep doing that……eat mommy‘s pussy! You’re getting me off so good!”

This spurred Megan on and she started slurping her mom’s clit while pushing two fingers in and out of her.  Before long her mom started to shake and tremble as she had an earth-shaking orgasm from her own daughter’s tongue.

Not long after this it was Megan‘s turn to cum her brains out on her mom‘s face. She actually squirted a little bit and soaked her mother’s face as she screamed, “Oh my God, mommy! I can’t believe you’re getting me off with your tongue! It feels so fucking good! I can’t believe we did this, but Jesus fucking Christ, I’m going to cum!”

Their observers greatly enjoyed the show. One of the guy’s said “Holy shit! That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen!”

Though this thing had started off alarmingly and hadn’t remotely gone where they were expecting it, both Megan and her mother had learned some things about themselves. Each discovered that they really got turned on by being made to do things. And as it turned out, they also got incredibly turned on by being made to perform incestuous acts in particular.

They were both now actually anticipating with excitement whatever they were going to be asked to do. The filthier the better. So instead of hesitating when they were told to stand up, they both got up quickly. Megan was told to bend over the table and her mother was instructed to grab the lube, pull the butt plug out of her daughter’s asshole, relubricate it, and then fuck it in and out of her now gaping anus.

Though it was a large plug, especially for someone who wasn’t a big ass play freak, the fact that it had been buried in her ass for over two hours had her nice and loose and ready for some kinky backdoor action. To her surprise she found it very hot to feel this giant toy being pumped in and out of her ass. The fact that her own mother was doing it only made it that much more arousing.

Eventually she was told to leave the plug buried in her daughter’s asshole and they were both told to stand up.  The girl from the group came over now and affixed a strap-on harness to Megan’s pelvis. The dildo she had put in it was quite large. Allison was now told to bend over the table and it was Megan‘s turn to lube up the toy.

Allison was then instructed to beg her daughter to fuck her in the ass. So she started to implore her daughter to insert the giant cock, “Megan,baby, mommy needs you to put your big dick in my tight asshole! I know it’s fucked up and taboo, but mommy really, really needs this. I need to cum on your big cock. Fuck mommy in the ass now, baby!”

Both women’s pussies were dripping wet. Megan moved behind her mother and began to lube her ass a little bit. She was getting so horny doing this. It was a tremendous turn on to work one, then two, then more fingers up her own mom’s ass. She had never realized until tonight how fucking sexy her mother was. Granted, to an extent it could just be that she was super turned on by the newfound discovery that incestuous sex with her was about the hottest thing she’d ever experienced.

Soon she placed the head of the giant cock against her mother’s tight asshole and began to slowly push into her. Her mother whimpered as the large toy stretched her tight anal ring. It was a bit uncomfortable as the toy was quite sizable, but her mother was taking it like a champ and she was now more than halfway in. She continued her slow penetration and before long the entire monster was buried in her mom’s asshole.

She told her daughter to stay like that and let her adjust to the girth of the beast. The other girl now walked over and had a  magic wand in her hand. She positioned it under Allison’s torso with the vibrating head pressed against her clit. She said, “Now, you nasty MILF daughter fucker, you’re really going to cum your brains out.”

The vibrations from the massager were amazing and definitely made taking the big strap-on up her ass easier. Megan now began to slowly move in and out. She took her time, but gradually increased her pace. Before long, her mother was moaning from the intense pleasure of the magic wand on her clit and her own daughter ass fucking her with an enormous strap on.

The girl from the group got up on the table in front of her, spread her legs open, and presented her cunt to Allison’s face. She said, “Eat my fucking pussy while you let your own fucking daughter pump your tight asshole like the nasty slut you are!”

So she dove right in and begin to lick the girl’s tasty cunt. The fact that she was humiliating her for getting off on the incest  aspect of this just turned her on more. Her moans became louder as the big dick opened her asshole over and over. Now that she was used to it and super turned on, it felt amazing to get deep fucked by the monster.

In between eating the girl’s tasty pussy, she begged her daughter to bang her ass deeper and harder. The vibrations of the toy were out of control and it wasn’t long before she came incredibly hard. Her tight anal ring rippled and pulsed as it clinched rhythmically around the thick cock in her ass. Liquid from her cunt drooled down onto the head of the wand and then dripped down onto the floor creating a small puddle.

Her daughter pulled the cock out of her ass and moved to the side of the table where she could watch her mom eating the girl out. Just then she began to cum on Allison‘s face while telling her that getting eaten out by a mother while her daughter fucked her in the ass was the hottest thing she had ever experienced.

But they weren’t done with the two of them yet. They now moved Megan on to the table on her back. Her ass was on the edge of the table and they told her to hold her legs up and back so that her entire pussy and asshole were accessible. Her mother was instructed to remove the large plug from her daughter’s anus. She’s slowly removed the thick plug from her tight hole.

She was now told to eat her daughter’s pussy while she worked her fist into her ass. Megan was a little nervous, as she had never done anything this extreme with anyone, much less her mother. She relaxed a bit when she felt that hot tongue lapping at her clit and pushing into the folds of her cunt. Soon she felt lubricated fingers slipping into her primed asshole. She had to admit it felt pretty fucking nasty and hot, and the knowledge of who was doing it made her pussy throb even more.

She began to moan as her mother slurped on her very erect clit  and pushed more of her hand into her tight anus. Before she could even believe it, all five fingers on her mother’s right hand were buried halfway in her asshole.  She kept pushing and soon her knuckles slipped past her daughter’s sphincter and her whole fucking fist went into her ass.

Megan screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, but now that the whole hand was in it was more comfortable. Neither could believe that they were doing this, but both of their pussies were throbbing.  Her mother now pulled her hand slowly out and then put it back in. She did this a few times and before long she was munching her daughter’s cunt while fist fucking her formerly tight asshole.

Megan’s mind was swirling with pleasure and arousal. She could not believe how fucking hard she was getting off on the fact that her mother was ass fisting her. Neither of the women could have expected at the beginning of the night that things would turn out like this. The more she thought about it, the hornier she got and soon, as her mother was literally pumping her whole fist in an out completely, she began to cum harder than she could even imagine.

She screamed out in pure ecstasy, “Oh my fucking god! Yes mommy! Fist my fucking ass! This is the best thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I want to be your little anal incest slut for the rest of our lives.”

Their audience greatly appreciated the nasty show they were putting on. Once everyone came down from that, things progressed for another 40 minutes or so. Both women were thoroughly used by all three men. They each got double penetrated and were made to eat the girl’s pussy and asshole repeatedly.

Before the group was done with them, they were made to piss on each other’s face and tits and they were both covered in cum and made to swap it between their mouths and kiss. They did it without hesitation and enjoyed every minute of it. They knew that forever after this they would continue to fuck and probably get into some kinkier situations with other people.

What had started as a potentially interesting art project had become the most fucked up incest wet dream that anyone could think of.  Both women were forever changed and they were OK with this. Also, the whole thing had been filmed as documentary evidence of the “performance.”

They also found out later that the owner of the space had been the one that limited who showed up. The people that did come in were friends of theirs.  When they found out about the premise of the art piece, they planned it all out and got some other perverted friends involved. Thankfully, everything worked out quite well.  In the end.

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