the partial spatial interrelational arrangement of things embryo to afterlife an array plotted out grid points viewed from another dimension it’s dismal it’s jubilant a sexual fervor or an economic downturn always causal never casual perhaps we need more admixture senses overwhelmed distracted passively actively potential and kinetic we pass through each other like atoms through matter so perhaps that’s why we like to be inside each other concretely it’s dense and humid as we pulse and drip aroused by phantasmagoria imagined scenarios haunting our dreams seeking pleasures more esoteric as we progress past fixed perspective and polarity star particles amid a gaseous state illuminated with the heat and so a monolith erected slides deeper into the volcanic crevice plate tectonics everything trembling expenditures of energy to feel alive we agitate each other erotically subtly or forcefully our trajectory is culmination but it’s cyclical a mythology with a complex symbolry and we go deeper into history into psychology into fetish expectancy angels and devilry a chaotic dance though heavenly spraying essence the cave walls spattered a darker mystery and deeper within we delve each other our selves suffused with arousal uncertainty though it’s the suspense that keeps our interest 


Anyone else feel like there is this crazy dichotomy between your daily life, attitudes towards people, etc. and your perverse sexual desires? As a human, I love and respect other humans. I think people should be truthful with each other and not cheat on their partners. I don’t wish to degrade women or anyone and I don’t want to coerce anyone into doing anything they don’t want to do. When it comes to sexual fantasies however, I’m a depraved fuck. I objectify the fuck out of women (and sometimes others).
When walking around in the world, I see women sexually almost as default. They’d probably never know it because I’m polite and don’t stare, etc. But in my mind, I’m sizing up their perky tits and juicy asses. I’m trying to figure out if they look like fun sluts or not. I want to fuck their throats, cunts, and asses. Not only that, but I want them to conform to any fucked up fantasy that pops into my head. Regardless of whether it would have them cheat on their significant other or spouse.
I want them to bend to my will sexually. I want to piss on them and have them swallow my cum. I want them to fuck who I want them to fuck. I want to take them against their will (but they secretly want it of course). I want to make them seduce other women or men, especially if it’s inappropriate. I want them to fuck their daughters, sisters, or mothers (and any other family member I’m currently turned on thinking about). I want them to be willing whores at my beck and call.
It turns me on even more if they are reluctant at first. If the idea that I’m presenting them is almost repulsive, but again, secretly it turns them on or they learn to love it. I want to fuck some of my own family members. I want to gangbang a nun and force her into lesbian sex acts. Want to see her get ass fisted. I want to shove a phallic statue of the Virgin Mary up her cunt and ass.  
Basically, if it’s taboo and nasty, I want to do it with all kinds of women (and sometimes men). What’s wrong with me? I’m a nice person otherwise and I would never do these things to people without consent. Is this normal? I mean we all have our sexual sides and fetishes, but do a ton of other people walk around constantaly fantasizing about super kinky sexual situations virtually all the time?
When I’m at work, I check out every woman and think of various nasty sex acts with many of them. When I’m at home and see that normal suburban woman jog by with her friend or daughter or whoever, I want to corrupt them and make them into my slut(s). I want to make them fuck each other and involve their families. The more depraved the better. Mom gets ass fucked by her son over the kitchen counter while she eats her daughter out. She fists her own mother in the cunt and ass and vice versa. Hell, grandma might even get invloved sometimes.
Not all my fantasies revolve around incest, but very kinky sex is almost always involved. Butt plugs and anal sex. Deep throat, gagging on my cock oral sex. Cum swallowing and hole stretching. Women eating cum from each other’s pussy or ass or cum swapping. Bitches loving being used and degraded. But also, I have a bi side and sometimes I want to suck cock myself or get fucked in the ass. Or fisted. Or cuckolded. Or dominated by women and used the way I’d use them. I’m a dirty fuck and it gets me off.
The next thing you know however, I’m reading esoteric philosphy or reading about various forms of eastern mysticism. I’m critiquing western culture, social media, and sexism. Watching heady documentaries and researching history and politics. Doing nice things for those I love. Learning new skills and doing tedious work. I’m cooking dinner or grocery shopping. Playing instruments and learning about music. I’m doing all the normal shit people do. I’m a good person and nice person. I go to my job and try to treat people well. I believe in fairness, politeness, and not discrimating against people based on silly distinctions such as skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.
All these things coexist in my brain and in my behavior with all the filthy, kinky sexualization and fantasies described above. I certainly know I’m not the only one that’s like this, but on average are people all having such thoughts pass through their skulls? Am I just a sick piece of work that needs therapy or something? I can’t really tell anymore. I’ve had pretty kinky fantasies since I was fairly young. I got into anal play and incest (fantatsizing about my aunts) from probably age 10 or 11. It’s all essentially normalized to me.
So what about y’all? Anyone else feel like this? Within your own context, of course. Anyone have any thoughts on the subject? Thanks for listening.  


fucking on the beach in the sand in the woods on the ground in her ass over a tree she screams out into the wilderness her climax fascinating as I pulse inside deeper harder more primal she’ll do it however I want if I pay she gets off on it gives her an excuse to be corrupted but she loves it being told who to suck for coins which hole to make available to my lust cumming on her face in her mouth with her brother while she frigs her clit and spasms we used her for hours her cunt inflamed she seduced her aunt when I transferred the funds hungry for taboo sex obsessed with sick visions her fantasy comes true when I give her an excuse licking slits taking fists ass stretched open on video she shrieks I bust a nut while she sucks off her daddy we shared all her holes erotic tapestry orgy with her family we’re all whores for money mother slurping on her cunny clit stiff I covered them with piss as they wished made them hot spanked the bitch cunt so slick so yummy for my prick glistening and throbbing we share nasty passions unspeakable acts buttocks and breasts pleasured or punished forced on all fours now my cock’s in her ass as she licks source or matrix maya fix we all kiss amidst the imaginary it’s a trip


she sucked us both at the same time eventually rubbing our wet tips together as we throbbed she fit both heads in her mouth and it was heaven tongue swirling around our glans she fondled our balls and teased our anuses with a wet finger getting us even hotter before tongue fucking us there while we moaned our swords bumping into each other she had us jerk each other off while she worked a plug into our assholes fuck I was surprised how much I liked it his cock pulsing in my hand she had us kiss while she alternated deep throating us and wanking it ws strange our first time but I wanted more so she rode me while we shared his firm prick precum yummy he fucked our faces before moving behinder her removing the toy and pushing into her lubed anus she moaned as we filled her entirely thrusting savagely once warmed up she begged us to use her the slut we loved it as she came screaming I was close and she wanted to try something else we reconfigured her on her back I entered her ass and he entered mine fucking fuck such cum lust as we pumped groaning and grunting four fingers in her cunt I teased her clit breathing ragged she went off like a chain reaction I busted inside her lovely bowels and he flooded mine we were left dripping spunked holes drooling and this was only round one


So, I’m at a weird place in life. I live with my ex and am essentially stuck like this for now. Also we’re in the middle of this pandemic. So dating and meeting new people is challenging. I’m interested in chatting with someone online. Does anyone have suggestions for good chat sites to meet a kinky partner for online fun only? Or any other ideas for how to accomplish this? Your input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


A companion piece to my previous post, The Chalice. Essentially its opposite.

buds abound for rod and staff clit blisses soft kisses a tongue lashing magick passions we suck and slurp fingers deep in hungry cunt drooling such musk I want to pump to pound openly aggressive and yet passive with my lust we play with it manifestation miracle she wants to fuck to be opened and used my prick floods fully power electricity a tesla coil potency I inflict my fantasy orgiastic intensity contagious as we get nastier more depraved we desire all the sluts cocks and cunts locally and globally drunk with it expanding each other anally she cums I spill my seed we swallow each other and want more inflating the imaginary as it overtakes reality suburban sprawl our kinks infect even family soccer mom turned trashy tramp stamp entreating me whore pussy dick sleeve anus ready with lube sphincter broadened as her mind using sigil techniques to shift the thinking to my own daughter son seduction maybe soon the mother fatherfucker turgid with taboo as bouncy ass and swaying tits jog by my neighborhood window voyeur craving exhibition yearning for her and her daughter and sister as she licks her own mother I’m a nasty piece of work but I want her to get off on it too

The Chalice

the chalice pampered lovingly attended to sought after and slurped from a grail quest kissed and licked yummy yoni opened like petals of a flower we taste and yearn for subtle lust amidst obelisk ardor armored assault the cannon prepared warfare eroticism it’s overkill slut lust overfilled a pistoning sickness lingam overlord taking beauty by force and yet the balancing of opposites equinox whorishness exquisite enlightenment via crass passion sadomasochism hunger for raw disparity polarities flip amid fixed orientation heavenly bodies molested penetration sidereal longings compulsions debasement hierarchy switch flipping open orifices enflamed and tempting tempted thusly to be fucked consumed and harvested insatiable appetite for utter dominance rape and pillage we forget ourselves animal instinct for rutting bitches in heat and it’s seduction amid cultural sedation boundary corruption feeling trapped within commercial savagery reflected back upon itself so greedy a chasm a void needing to be filled we rise up prick swollen clit enlarged with the blood of our slutty gluttony but we both want it in varying degrees we’re degraded expectantly and I’m good with it if you are

Literotica Halloween Contest Submission

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve submitted a story to Literotica’s annual Halloween contest. It has now been published. Please go check it out and vote for me if you enjoy it. Or at least read it if you’re interested.

It’s quite kinky, so please check out the tags beforehand to make sure you’re interested. It’s nothing I haven’t dabbled in here on WordPress, but I don’t know who’ll see this and how familiar they are with my writing. This is not exactly high literature. More an outlet for my perverse imaginings. You were warned! Haha!

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks!

My story:

Literotica’s contest stories:

Quick Update and an Old Halloween Story

So first some news. Be on the lookout for a post in the next day or so. I’ve submitted a very kinky new story to Literotica’s Halloween contest. I haven’t submitted anything in years. I used to have a number of stories up some time ago, but I took them down for personal reasons. I’m just waiting for my submission to be approved.

Speaking of, the very first story I ever submitted was another Halloween story for the contest in probably 2011 or 12. Please find it below. It’s one of my earlier stories and kind of silly, but fun. Enjoy!

ps. Sorry for the crappy formatting. Maybe I’ll fix it later.

Truth or Dare at a Halloween Party

My fiancée K and I had been invited to a Halloween party thrown by our friends Marco and Erin. They were having it at their house which was a great spot because they had plenty of space and a great backyard with a relatively tall privacy fence.  Their pad was quite the party palace really as it had a fairly large kitchen with dining area, a nice size living room, a game room with pool table, an enormous deck area with a Jacuzzi, as well as a fixed up garage that had been made into a kind of separate hang out area for when they had friends over for poker, board games, or parties like this.  They loved to entertain guests and obviously had built their house around this concept to some degree.  K and I had known them for a couple of years and they were nice people.  We weren’t always on the same page as far as tastes or interests, but they were cool and there were things we had in common and agreed on.  K had met them first because of her job.  Erin and her had worked together at K’s last job and she was one of the only people she felt that she had anything in common with there.  I eventually met them when their office had a Christmas party and they seemed like good folks.  Soon we started having dinner with them now and again and sometimes we’d stop by their house or vice versa.  K and Erin were pretty good friends and went to lunch or out for drinks sometimes.  They got along well it seemed. 
We’d been to their Halloween party the previous year as well and had had a lot of fun even though we didn’t know many of their friends.  This year would be better because we would actually know some of the people.  We were kind of excited because we’d found the previous year that their parties tended to be a bit naughty in that they encouraged people to dress sexily and to leave their inhibitions at the door.  Not that it had turned into a full on orgy or anything, but people got drunk, acted silly and some of them bared some skin, and a few made out in dark corners or disappeared into bedrooms here and there.  We figured we knew what they were doing.  It had been a fun evening and a bit titillating for both of us.  Men and women were bumping and grinding to the music, sometimes girls with girls and there were even a few guys with guys.  It was our kind of crowd because we were both socially and sexually progressive and were all for same sex relationships and flirting.  We ourselves were both bisexual to some degree so it was nice to be in an open atmosphere like this and not at some of our more conservative friends’ generally boring and status quo parties.
Knowing what we knew about last year’s party we decided we’d have some fun with it this time.  K dressed as a sexy kitten and as typical as this sounds there was a reason for this outfit.  Her tail was a special contraption that only she and I knew about.  The external kitty tail was attached to a medium sized butt plug that was inside her ass.  We’d always fantasized about her or me wearing this type of thing out to a party or something, but we decided to finally go through with it.  The deal we’d made was that if she did it then I had to have a plug as well, so underneath my “costume”, which was a Nudist On Strike (consisting merely of my normal clothes, t-shirt and shorts, with a sign around my neck that said “Nudist On Strike.”) I also had a comfortably sized anal plug inserted.  We figured we’d have a fun and titillating evening and afterwards we’d head home and be so hot from our night and our toys that we’d have a nice steamy fucking session.  Little did we know how the night would actually turn out.   
We were running a little late, so when we got there the party was already kind of crowded and the drinks were flowing.  Marco answered the door dressed as a hospital patient and he smiled big when he saw us. 
He said, “I’m soooo glad you guys finally made it!  Now the party can really start!” 
We could tell he’d already had a couple, but were glad to receive such a warm welcome.  He told us to follow him to say hello Erin and to get some drinks.  We followed him and saw that his gown was open at the back, as you would expect, and I noticed that it looked like he was nude, but he was wearing skin colored undies or something.  K and I cracked up at this. 
We found Erin in the kitchen talking to some people and she also greeted us warmly, “Well hell!  Y’all finally deigned to grace us with your, oh, so important, presence huh?!” 
We laughed and apologized for being late and K gave her a big hug.  It was rather nice to watch them press up against each other in their sexy outfits.  Erin was dressed as a naughty nurse to go with her husband’s patient outfit.  It wasn’t over the top or anything, but the skirt was shortish and the front of the outfit was cut a bit low.  Seeing my baby’s cute body in her tight kitty suit and Erin looking sexy was a bit arousing I had to admit. 
I think Marco read my mind because he leaned into me and said quietly, “Mmm boy…they do look pretty yummy together don’t they?” 
I laughed and agreed wholeheartedly.  K and me both got a whiskey ginger to start the evening out and went with Erin and Marco to be introduced to some of their friends.  We’d met some of them last year, but there were some new people here tonight also. 
As we walked around I figured there were about 25 or so people already there and Marco had said he was expecting about 40 or more to stop through total as the evening progressed.  So it wasn’t an enormous party, but there were enough people for it to be a bit of a crowd.  The house was decked out with all kinds of spooky stuff like spider webs and skulls and all the normal fun stuff you’d expect.  It was also lit very dimly and with different types of colored lights.  The overall effect was vaguely creepy, but it also gave people the opportunity to kind of hide off in dark corners.  We walked outside to the deck area to get out of the loud music for a minute and so K and Marco could smoke. 
I noticed that there were a couple of people in the Jacuzzi and a couple more standing outside of it.  Most people probably wouldn’t be taking a dip because it would mean taking off their costume, but some people who had dressed simply like the couple already in could enjoy the warm water and soothing jets.  We stood there talking for a bit and making jokes, but eventually K and me were left talking to a friend of Marco and Erin’s as they had to head off to check on other guests and make sure snacks and drinks were available to everyone.  Their friend was a guy named Kurt who seemed pretty friendly and funny.  He was dressed as a referee and of course the number on his shirt was 69.  He had a bawdy sense of humor, but that was fine with us because so do we.  I caught him occasionally sneaking a peak at K, but I didn’t blame him, she looked very sexy.  After a few minutes of chatting we all needed a refresher on the drinks and headed back inside.
When we went in the house I could tell that a number of other people had showed up. The music was bumping a little louder and some people were dancing in the garage room which had been made into a makeshift dance floor.  I saw that Erin was out there dancing with some girlfriends, but Marco wasn’t there.  We headed into the kitchen and found him offering some new guests some snacks.  We got fresh drinks as he chatted and grabbed something to munch on ourselves.  He introduced us to his friend’s Carl and Judy.  They seemed like nice people, but we didn’t end up talking to them long.  They seemed eager to get out and mingle.  So we, along with Marco, headed back into the living room.  We said hi to some of the people we’d met at the last party and Marco introduced us to some other people we hadn’t met before.  Everyone seemed pleasant enough and most people had great costumes ranging from silly to naughty and everything in between.  In short, exactly what you’d expect from a Halloween party. 
As the night wore on, a few more people showed up, but it never got super crowded.  Again, we saw things here and there that surprised and titillated us.  There were lots of sexy costumes on men and women, some dirty dancing (even from Erin and Marco), and people slipping into bedrooms or bathrooms for short periods of time.  K spotted two women and a guy making out in a corner where there were some big pillows laid out for people to recline on.  They appeared to be getting pretty into it and though it was dark we were pretty sure we saw one of the ladies start jacking the guy off while kissing the other woman.  We didn’t linger, but it was pretty arousing to spy.  On the “dance floor” there was a lot of bumping and grinding going on.  We saw a woman dressed as a cowgirl getting pretty hot and bothered dancing with a guy dressed as a cop and then we noticed Tinker bell dancing with Peter Pan, except Peter Pan was a girl also.             
They were all over each other and we heard someone laughingly say, “Hey, why don’t you two get a room!!”
There was also a dude dressed as a matador with his shirt open getting funky with a guy in a toga.  It was cool to see different kinds of people all getting along and having fun.  We decided to do a little dancing ourselves.  It was getting a little later and we were both kind of drunk, but really feeling nice.  Dancing with K was very arousing after all the sights and sounds and because of the secret we shared.  I couldn’t help but get up behind her and pull her ass into my crotch.  I know it had to be pushing the plug deeper into her and my cock throbbed as I felt her push back against me.  After a song Erin showed up and asked if she and K could dance.  I told her that it would be fine and went and sat down next to Marco on a nearby couch. 
Watching K and Erin dance was incredibly hot, especially after they started getting a little dirtier.  Erin was fairly trashed and was feeling very randy it would seem.  Marco and I just enjoyed the show.  When Erin got behind K and started grinding against her ass my dick jumped a little.  She had grabbed K around the waist and was slowly pumping her pelvis against her.  I could see by the look on K’s face that she was getting very turned on by this.  She’d already shared with me that she’d love to have a fling with Erin, so between that and the toy in her ass I knew that she was probably going wild in her head.  Erin soon moved back in front of her and they were laughing and singing along with the song a bit.  They pressed against each other so that their tits were pushed together a bit and they each slid their hands down on to each other’s ass.  I could tell that Erin was literally fondling K’s ass and she was thoroughly enjoying it. 
Erin then kind of kissed up K’s neck and whispered in her ear.  I’m not sure what she said, but I then noticed that K whispered in her ear and I noticed a surprised look on Erin’s face and then a grin.  Then I saw that Erin was fondling K’s ass even harder and moved towards the tail and started playing with it and putting pressure on it.  K had told her about the toy and now that Erin was playing with it K’s face was flushed and she slid her hands up underneath Erin’s short skirt and started playing with her ass more heartily.  Next thing I knew, K and she were kissing hotly.  I looked over at Marco and he was watching them fixedly and I noticed he had his hand near the bulge in his gown.  I could see he was turned on. 
He looked at me and smiled broadly and said, “Goddamn!  That’s hot stuff, is it not?” 
I nodded and said, “It sure is!  I’d love to see them do this with less on…haha!” 
He said, “Well, you guys should stick around once everyone heads out and we’ll see where this heads eh?” 
I smiled and nodded in agreement.  I doubted anything much more would happen and figured we’d just go home and have some amazing sex after all of it, but I hoped things would progress. 
After a bit more dancing and revelry, the crowd started to thin out.  People were leaving either because they were tired or because they had another party or bar to get to.  So around midnight most of the people were gone.  The only people left were one couple named John and Stacy, Kurt and this woman Amie we’d met earlier, and of course us, Marco and Erin.  Amie seemed nice and was apparently a pretty good friend of Erin and Marco’s.  She was dressed as a sexy witch, but she had taken her long pointy hat off earlier.  Her and Kurt were chatting and joking, but were not together.  After they finished their drinks, John and Stacy headed out and that just left the six of us.  We were all somewhat wasted and little tired, but Marco had a bright idea. 
He said, “I didn’t offer this earlier because we were in mixed company, but….” and then he pulled out a bag of coke. 
Everyone kind of cheered and laughed at this.  He knew that we were all game for a little pick me up at this late hour and also that we were not averse to such substances.  K and I hadn’t done any in a long time, but we both definitely liked it when it was made available to us.  I was kind of stoked because I figured this would give us a second wind and maybe a bit more might happen between K and Erin.  Marco and Erin laid out small lines on a mirrored tray they had and then passed it around to each of us.  After we’d all gotten a sniff or two Erin asked if anyone wanted another drink and went and got them for us.  After she came back Kurt suggested we play a game or something. 
Everyone agreed and we decided to play some cards, but after a couple of hands, Erin said, “I don’t have the attention span for this.  Who wants to play something else?” and after a pause, “Something a bit more…uh…interesting?” 
K said, “Like what, Erin, you naughty little devil?”  
Amie chimed in, “Yeah, what did you have in mind?” 
She smiled and said, “Well, it’s probably because I’m wasted and am not feeling as shy as normal, but who wants to play a game of Truth or Dare?” 
Everyone kind of groaned, but laughed also at the suggestion. 
Marco said, “Come on guys, it’ll be fun!  You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” 
So one by one we all agreed and thus began the fun.
Marco had us go into the living room as it would be more comfortable than where we had been sitting outside on the deck.  K and I sat on one couch and Amie sat next to K.  Kurt sat on the floor and then Marco and Erin sat across from us on a love seat. 
K said, “So how do we start?  Who goes first?” 
Marco smiled and said, “Well, since you asked, I think you should get the first question or dare….haha!” 
K looked at him in mock anger and then replied, “Ok…fine!  Who gets to truth or dare me?” 
Erin jumped in and said, “Oooh oooh!  Me!  I want to!” 
Marco said, “Ok baby…it’s your turn.  After that, the person who’s been dared gets to choose the next victim….hahahahaha!” 
We all agreed and then Erin got her first turn, “Truth or Dare, K?” 
K, said, “Uh..truth I guess.” 
Erin then asked her, “Where’s the weirdest place you ever had sex?” 
K looked a little embarrassed, but responded, “Well…I..suppose that would be in the back of a mostly empty movie theater with my boyfriend at the time.  We had to be super quiet…haha!” 
Everyone laughed at this and then it was K’s turn to pick someone.  She, of course, picked me, “Matt…truth or dare?” 
I chose truth. 
She asked me, “How old were you when you jacked off for the first time?” 
It was definitely a little uncomfortable to talk about this stuff in front of everyone, but I answered, “Hmmm….I think I was around maybe 11 or 12.  I was young and it’s all a haze now.” 
We all chuckled and Erin of course had to ask, “What got you off?” 
I smiled sheepishly and said, “I found a dirty magazine and….even without really knowing what I was doing….I uh…played with myself and suddenly….ummm….it just happened.” 
Everyone laughed again at this and then it was my turn, “Ok Erin, you’re so curious about everyone else, so why don’t we find out something about you? Truth or dare?” 
She said, “Ok, well how about dare then?  What will that tell you?” 
I was surprised because I’d expected truth obviously, but I took a minute to think about my dare and said, “Alright miss boldy bold, I dare you to go out to the street and flash your tits to the first car that drives by!  How’s that for revealing…..and mature?” 
Now it was her turn to look surprised.  Everyone else was laughing and talking about how bad I got her at this point.  She took it like a trooper though.  We all watched from the front door as she walked out to the street and waited for a car to come.  It was late, but it was Halloween and of course there were still people out and about.  It took about a minute and a half, but an SUV came rolling up.  As soon as they got close enough, she lifted up her shirt and gave them a view they wouldn’t soon forget. They honked as they went by and we all cracked up.  She then came running back to us and her cheeks were flushed. 
She said, “Gaaaawed!  That was really embarrassing!  Thanks Matt, you jerk!  Just you wait for my revenge!” 
We all chuckled some more about it and then K said, “Hey sweet cheeks, them’s some nice tits you got there…hahaha!” 
Erin laughed and said, “You bet your ass hoochie!” 
So we all headed back inside and continued the game.  The first part was all fairly tame after this.  Everyone chose truth for the most part and the dares were few, but pretty silly.  All the normal questions were asked and most people gave stock answers.  After a little while we’d kind of exhausted all the polite(ish) questions.  So this is when things started to heat up.  Marco asked Amie if she’d ever made out with another woman and she said she had. 
She was pretty shy about it, but of course Erin demanded details,
“Did you go all the way?  And did you enjoy it”
She blushed and looked down and said, “Yes, I went all the way……and yes, I enjoyed it quite a lot…….uh and I’ve done it quite a few times to be honest.” 
Erin said, “Oh my god!  Awesome Amie!  I had no idea!  That’s really hot babe!” 
Amie said, “Thanks girl…..but I still like guys too in case you all were wondering.” 
She finally smiled and we all laughed. 
Amie then picked Marco for revenge and he chose dare. 
She then said, “Ok….let’s see…..I know this isn’t very original, but I want you to run out into the street naked and then come back in!” 
He kind of groaned, but got up and we all walked to the door again.  He took his flesh colored undies off and then dropped his gown and opened the door.  He took a tentative glance, but then hauled ass out to the street and of course a car was coming right then.  He was caught in the middle of the road in the headlights and then dashed back to the door.  We all cheered as he came back in. 
He was a bit out of breath but said,
“Well….that was fun….you bitch!” 
Amie laughed heartily and we all joined in.  He put his gown back on, but I noticed that he didn’t put the undies on again.  If he was dared to get naked again it wouldn’t take much.
We had a couple of more funny ones and then Erin said, “Matt, truth or dare?” 
I chose truth. 
She asked me, “Have you ever made out with or fantasized about fucking another man?” 
I was quite taken aback by this one, but after taking a minute to muster up my courage I said, “I’ve never been with another man, but I have…uh fantasized about it before.” 
She again said, “Ummmm….details dude!  Did you masturbate about it or what?” 
Now it was my turn to blush sheepishly, “Well…uh…I have masturbated about it many times and….sometimes K and me talk about it while fucking.” 
Erin looked pleased as punch, “That is very hot to ponder!  Thanks for being honest….no one here’s gonna judge you sweetie.” 
Marco chimed in and said, “Yeah dude, don’t sweat it.  We’re all open-minded here.”  I said, “Thanks man….by the way, truth or dare?” 
He grinned at me in mock anger and then chose truth. 
I said, “While we’re on the subject, same question.” 
Marco said, “Damn!  I knew you were going to ask that shit! Ok, well….uh…I have actually been with a man before, but only once.” 
K smiled slyly and questioned, “So, did you enjoy it?” 
Marco said, “Hmmm, yes I did.  It was actually really fucking hot.  Erin and I had a threesome and that’s all I’m saying about that!”
Thinking about those two having a threesome with a man was quite a turn on.  I started to get a bit of hard on.  I looked at K and she was smiling looking at me.  I knew that it probably was getting her a bit hornier as well.  Marco also seemed to be getting a bit hot talking about it because I could have sworn I saw a bit of a bulge growing under his gown. 
K noticed it too and said, “Looks like you’re getting a boner just thinking about it buddy!” 
He smiled and said, “He he he, well, you know what can I say?  I’m a perv…….when in Rome, etc.” 
Erin said, “Yeah, except it was right in your own house!  Hahahahahaha!”  We all cracked up.
I think everyone was feeling quite relaxed now although there was clearly a lot of sexual tension in the room now. 
It was Marco’s turn, so he looked at Kurt and said, “Well, mister man, there hasn’t been much attention on you.  I was gonna ask K about how she felt about girls, but I think from the display on the dance floor earlier with my wife I know the answer to that question.” 
K looked down, a bit embarrassed, but Marco continued, “Don’t be shy darlin, it was very sexy….and I think your fiancée definitely enjoyed watching as well.” 
I nodded and then Marco said, “Ok, so….Kurt…you know the question.” 
He chose truth so Marco asked, “Uh….so I’ve seen you checking out my wife quite a lot tonight….why don’t you tell me what you’ve imagined doing to her?  Specifically…and be honest now, what sex act would you absolutely love to do to her if you could?” 
Kurt turned bright red and stammered a bit at first, “Uhh…well…uhh…hmmmm….let’s see.” 
Erin said, “Come on baby, just spit it out.  You aren’t gonna shock us.” 
Kurt then continued, “Well….I guess I’d love to play with her naked ass a bit.  I’d kiss it softly at first and then I’d open her cheeks and…uh..go down on her asshole and….give her a very sloppy rim job….uh…..and then I’d open her up with my fingers before…..sliding my cock deep in that cute little ass of hers and giving her a hot….assfucking.” 
Marco was like, “Damn dude!  Now that’s honest….and actually pretty hot to think about.  Just so you know, she loves it!” 
Erin gave him a dirty look and lightly slapped him for airing her dirty secret, “You fucker!  A lady is supposed to keep some of her secrets!” 
Then she looked at Kurt and continued, “But thanks for sharing are a dirty pervert, but then again…so are we.  C’est la vie!” 
We all chuckled at this. 
It was Kurt’s turn to choose now, so he said, “At the risk of pushing my luck, Erin…uh…truth or dare?” 
She smiled a big smile and said, “Hmmmmm….let’s see….how about….dare?” 
Kurt swallowed hard and smiled too. 
Then he said, “Ok, uh…well then I dare you to play the rest of the game with your shirt off.” 
We were all like, “Oh snap!” 
Erin looked a bit nervous, but said, “Alright honey.  Anything for you.” 
And then she unbuttoned her nurse’s top and let her plump tits free from their confines.  We hadn’t been sure if she had a bra on underneath because the material of the top was kind of thick like a doctor’s frock, but we all knew the answer to the question now.  Kurt was mesmerized and I caught K looking over and checking out her breasts and I could tell that she liked what she saw.  
I leaned and whispered in her ear, “I bet you’d like have taste of those perky little nipples wouldn’t you?” 
She looked at me and nodded while smiling.  I was hoping something like that would happen very soon. 
Erin said, “I hope someone else chooses dare soon….I don’t like being the only one who’s partially naked.  It’s just plain not fair!” 
Now it was her turn. 
She said, “Hmmmmm….let’s see, who should I choose?” 
Then she eyed everyone suspiciously and then finally settled on Amie.  “Ok Amie, I choose you.  So which will it be?” 
Amie looked a bit nervous, but said, “I guess I’ll take…..dare.”  
Erin laughed and said, “Ooooh goody! I dare you to…….uhhh…..join me.  Take off your shirt girly.” 
Amie smiled a weak smile and said, “Ok….here goes I guess.”
And then she pulled her shirt over her head.  She had on a bra. 
Erin looked slightly defeated and said, “Oh man!!!  I didn’t realize you had a bra!  You’re lucky this time.” 
Amie was now looking around because it was her turn to choose. 
She settled on K and said, “Ok….truth or dare babe?” 
K thought about it for a second and said, “I guess I’ll take a truth.” 
Amie said, “Boooooo, you shoulda done a dare, but ok….let’s see.  Have you ever been with more than one man at once?  If so or even if not, what did or would you do with them?” 
K looked a little embarrassed, but said, “Ummm….I have not been with more than one, but I’d love to try it.” 
She was going to try and leave it at that, but Amie said, “Uh…ok…we’re waiting. What would you do with them and how many?” 
Now K blushed more and said, “Well….in my fantasy world I guess…uh I’ve thought about having two men up to as many as a group of men.  I have to say it turns me on to think about getting fucked by a few different guys.  I don’t know if I’d really want it to happen, but it’s hot to think about.” 
Erin said, “…and what would you do with them?”
K continued, “I guess I’d like to try anything really… getting fucked while sucking another guy off.  It makes me wet to see creampies and also to see women getting cum sprayed all over their faces and tits.  I’d probably even try double penetration under the right circumstances.” 
So now everyone was majorly turned on by all this talk. 
Marco said, “Goddamn K….you just brought some very dirty images into my head….thanks!” and he laughed loudly afterwards. 
Erin joined in and said, “He’s right baby, the images you just brought to mind are too much!  My pussy is soaked.” 
K said, “I’m happy I could get you two excited..feel free to use that material any time you want…hahaha!” 
I’m sure they would. 
K was ready to move on though, “It’s my turn again and I choose Matt.” 
I knew she was going to choose me somehow.  She asked what my choice was and I went with a dare even though I was a little afraid.  She and I had our little secrets to hide and now that people had lost some clothes it was feasible that everyone would find out. 
She asked me, “I dare you to take off a piece of clothing that you choose.” 
I sighed in relief and decided to take off my shirt.  They were a little disappointed in my decision, but I was glad to keep my secret hidden a while longer. 
Next I figured I’d get things moving a little so I gave Kurt the same dare and he also opted to take off his shirt.  Now most of us were at least in some degree of undress.  After a couple more rounds of little truths and dares, Amie was down to her panties, Kurt was down to his undies, and K had her tits out, but her bottoms on.  It was Marco’s turn.  Even if nothing else happened I think he wanted to get Kurt and Amie together because he knew that Kurt was attracted to her, so he asked her what she wanted.  She chose dare. 
Marco said, “Ok, I dare you to let Kurt do anything he wants to you for 2 minutes, but he can’t take off your panties.” 
She looked a bit worried, but vaguely excited by the prospect. 
She said, “Uh…hmm…well, I guess I don’t want to chicken out now..Ok, I’ll do it.” 
Kurt looked like the cat that just ate the canary. 
He moved towards her and Marco looked at his watch and said, “Time….starts……!” 
Kurt leaned in and slid his hands over her pale face and then moved in and kissed her softly on the lips.  Eventually he slid his tongue in between and they started kissing harder.  He moved his hand down and started playing with one of her nipples.  After a bit of this he kissed down her neck and on to her chest.  He then took her tit into his mouth and sucked it and then flicked the nipple with his tongue.  She moaned deeply and was melting into him.  He knew he didn’t have much time so he continued licking and kissing down her belly and eventually got down to her crotch.  She looked a bit uncertain about what he was doing, but he soon started kissing up her thighs and he pulled her ass further towards the edge of the couch.  As he did this he spread her legs further.  She was flushed quite red and appeared to be really enjoying his ministrations. 
Marco said, “You’re down to 25 seconds dude.”  So Kurt made his way to her panties and started basically going down on her through them.  She sighed deeply and pushed her pussy into his mouth.  Marco then called it. 
Kurt took about 5 more seconds, but then lifted up and said, “Damn!  I was just getting into that.”  Amie said, “Me too…mmmmmm.” 
Marco then apologized for having to interrupt, but he said, “The game must go on!” 
Kurt said, “By the way Amie…..your pussy smells wonderful…..I need some more.” 
She smiled sweetly and replied, “Thank you darlin….we’ll just have to see about that won’t we?” 
But it was her turn and she started looking at everyone to figure who was the next victim.  She settled on Erin, “Ok, Erin….truth or dare?”
Erin said, “Do you have to ask?  I’m feeling….mmm…horny.  Dare.” 
Amie took a minute and said, “So, I uh dare you to give K and Matt a sort of double lap dance for 4 minutes.”
K and me looked at each other and smiled. 
Erin wasn’t even fazed, “Mmmmm…..I thought you’d never ask me to…do something……mmm…fun.” 
There was some mildly funky music playing so Erin started swaying her hips to the beat as she walked towards us.  She started by writhing in front of both of us and then she kind of bent over in front of us while keeping her legs straight which pushed her shapely ass out in our faces.  It also made her short skirt slide up and we could almost make out her pussy through the stockings underneath it.  She turned around and then put her thighs over mine and leaned into me.  This put her tits right in my face and I could feel the heat from her pussy up against my crotch.  She then took her breasts in her hands and wiggled them in front of me.  She offered one for me to taste and I took her nipple in my mouth which caused her to coo softly.  She only let me have it for a second though and then she bent down and kissed me on the lips before getting up and moving over to K. 
She did basically the same thing with her, but gave her more access to her tits which K enjoyed thoroughly.  She licked and sucked each nipple for a few seconds each and then Erin lowered down onto her more and started rubbing their breasts together.  It was incredibly hot to watch.  They began kissing sloppily during this.  Erin was kind of rubbing her pussy against K in a mock fucking motion as they tongued deeply.  Erin then got up and sat in K’s lap with her back to her.  K ground her crotch against Erin’s ass and she then began groping and kneading her tits.  Just as they were really getting into it Marco called time. 
Everyone was like “Damn!” but as Marco said, the game must go on.       
It was Erin’s turn now though, so I think she was looking turn things up a notch higher, “Umm, I choose….hmmmm…K.  Which is it?  Truth…or dare?” 
K looked slightly anxious, but said, “Ok, I’ll take your dare.” 
I was stoked to hear her answer.  I really wanted this party to go even further. 
We were all horny out of our minds. Erin said, “Ok sexy….I dare you to stand up and show everyone the little secret you have as part of your costume.” 
K looked mortified for a second, but Erin added, “You don’t have to uh…pull it out in full view….but I do want everyone to share in the surprise.” 
K looked stunned, “Uhhh…ummm…I can’t believe you’re doing this to me.” 
Erin said with a smile, “Well, I guess you don’t have to do it, but don’t puss out now baby!” 
K then said, “Ok…well…fuck it…we’re all wasted anyways.  Hopefully no one remembers this tomorrow.” 
She backed away from the group a bit and reached behind her to grab the tail and I saw her wince a little as she pulled out the plug.  She then held it out in front of her and everyone looked amazed. 
Marco was the first one to say anything, “Holy fuck!  I can’t believe you’ve been wearing that all night!  Damn!  You are one naughty little kitty baby!” 
Amie chimed in too, “Oh my god K!  That is like the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!  That just made….my pussy really wet.” 
Now it was time for K’s revenge however. 
She looked at Erin and said, “Ok bitch, truth or dare…and you better choose dare!” 
Erin looked somewhat apprehensive, but said, “Ok…I’m game.  Dare.” 
K said, “Good….first of all I need to speak with your husband alone for second.” 
Erin looked confused and said, “Ummm…ok.” 
Marco got up and K and he walked down the hall to their bedroom.  K told Marco her plan and he was very pleased with it.  K cleaned the ass plug off in their bathroom and Marco gave her some lube, then they walked back out to the group. 
Marco sat back down and then K said, “Erin, get your ass on your knees with your butt facing everyone.” 
She did as she was told. 
K continued, “Now, your dare is to take this plug up your ass in front of everyone.” 
The whole group of us, other than Marco, gasped.  Erin looked a bit frightened, but was prepared to go through with it. 
She replied somewhat weakly, “Uh…ok K….I guess I deserve it.” 
K said, “You’re damn right you do slut!  You started it, but I’m gonna finish this one.” 
K smiled devilishly and got down on her knees behind Erin.  She lifted the very short skirt off of Erin’s ass exposing her white fishnet stockings and nothing else. 
She asked her, “Are these stockings important?” and Erin shook her head. 
So K grabbed the fishnets up near her ass and ripped them open to expose her mostly shaven cunt and cute pink little asshole.  We were all transfixed by the scene. 
Kurt said, “I think I’m about to cum in my underwear y’all!” 
We laughed a bit at this and everyone agreed that this was quite hot.  K then squeezed some lube out on Erin’s tight little rosebud. She shuddered slightly at the cool liquid’s arrival.  K then spread some on the plug and began making slow circles around her sphincter.  Taking her time, she began subtly pushing the tip of the plug into Erin a bit.  Soon, though, she had it pushing in about two inches and about the diameter of a quarter.   She began to relax some and I think she was starting to get off on it because I thought I saw her kind of push back onto it a little. 
K said, “Mmmmm…that’s nice.  You have a cute little ass…..and it’s making my pussy wet working this plug up inside you.  You like being loosened up don’t you slut?” 
Erin nodded and moaned in agreement.  K now had almost half of it in, but wasn’t quite up to the biggest part. 
She said, “Erin….you’re a good little whore aren’t you?  I want you to beg me to fuck your ass with this toy.” 
Erin nodded and said, “Yes ma’am, I’m your good little naughty slut….and…mmmm….I need you to pump that plug deep into my ass.” 
We were all getting very turned on now.  I could see that Marco had an enormous erection through his flimsy gown and he was kind of touching himself now and then.  Amie and Kurt were also touching themselves.  She had her hands up on her tits and was tweaking her very hard nipples.  Kurt was constantly rubbing his clearly hard cock through his undies and I couldn’t help but do the same.  This was incredible to watch and I couldn’t believe it was my fiancée who had taken the game to this level.  After a little more pumping,
K finally pushed the plug all the way inside Erin’s ass and she moaned deeply and said, “Oooooohh god…fuck!  Mmmmmm…that feels soooo good and deep.  My ass feels so fucking full!” 
K said, “That’s the idea.  You’re a good little whore for doing that for me.  Now keep it in for the rest of the game baby.” 
K and Erin finally got up and moved to sit down.  K sat next to me and Erin, a little tentatively because of the toy, next to her husband who was grinning.  At least it was her turn again. 
She looked at Marco’s smirk and said, “Ok mister smartass….truth or dare?” 
He stopped grinning, but didn’t seem nervous really.  He chose dare of course. 
She continued, “I dare you to take off the gown.” 
He wasn’t really surprised and stood up and said, “Well, here goes!” 
He dropped it at his feet and became the first of us to be totally naked.  His cock was completely hard, but he was unashamed.  Everyone stared at it and I saw Amie kind of lick her lips thinking about it. 
He then said, “That wasn’t so bad baby…and now it’s my turn.” 
He looked around and my heart sunk a bit, “Matt….what’ll it be?” 
I swallowed hard, “Umm…truth?”
He said, “How about no…..we’re done with truth for tonight.” 
I nodded and said, “Ok….uh…dare then.” 
He smiled mischievously and said, “I’m not gonna be the only one naked and you have the most clothes on I think, so…strip for us….all the way.” 
I was quite nervous, but I thought maybe they won’t notice the plug if I don’t turn towards them.  So I smiled anxiously and got up and started unbuttoning my pants.  I dropped them and then slipped my fingers in the bands of my undies and slid them down also.  My throbbing cock swung free and stood at attention in front of everyone. 
Erin of course had to say, “Mmmm, looks like someone’s feeling a bit excited….hee hee hee.  Not unlike my husband.  Time for some fun now!  I’m gonna need you to turn around and show us the whole…uh…package.” 
I knew there was no way to hide it, but I tried spinning around kind of quickly. 
She called me on it and said, “Slowly sir, slowly.” 
I did and as my ass faced them she said, “Oh my god!  What is that?” 
Everyone started looking intently at me so I said, “Ok, ok, ok, it’s a bit…embarrassing, but K and I had a deal tonight.  If she wore the tail then I had to have a plug too.  So…uh…now you know.” 
Everyone looked incredulous, but then started grinning and laughing. 
Amie said, “Wow, you guys are kinky!  And I, for one, think that’s super hot.” 
Marco could tell I was a bit uncomfortable with the revelation and wanted to make me feel less nervous so he said, “Hey don’t sweat it, if it makes you feel any better, I like plugs too.” 
Erin smiled and chimed in, “Oh boy does he!  Among other things.” 
So after all the excitement about that died down, it was my turn. I chose Amie. 
She looked a little surprised, but said, “Ok I’m game for….whatever.” 
I asked her which she wanted and she chose dare.  I said, “I dare you to….uh…let K and Erin undress you in whatever manner they want….and then you have to undress them with your teeth.” 
I figured this would be fun because all she had on was panties, so the “whatever manner they want” would mean that they would tease her first.  She looked surprised and nervous and the other girls took exception. 
K said, “Wait, how come we get undressed?  It’s her dare.” 
I replied simply, “Does it really matter at this point?” 
The guys laughed and Erin said, “Well…..I guess not…..I’m game if you are K.” 
She agreed and the fun began.  Amie stood up as Erin and K walked over to her.  Erin went right up to her and kissed her on the lips.  K moved around behind her and put her hands on her hips.  Amie melted into the sensations.  Erin slipped her some tongue and next thing you know they were going at each other like long lost lovers.  K slid her hands up the smooth skin on her torso and started playing with her firm, perky titties.  She moaned into Erin’s mouth.  Erin then kissed down her neck and chest and then started sucking on and tweaking her nipples.  K’s hands wandered back down and slid over her panty clad ass.  She played with her buttocks through the material and gave her some soft, but firm smacks.  As Erin began kissing down her belly K slipped her fingers into the elastic band of the panties and started pulling them down.  By the time Erin got to right above her snatch, K had them down around her ankles and was bent down giving her cute little ass some soft kisses.  Amie’s nipples were as hard as bullets and she was moaning and sighing constantly now.  Erin licked and kissed all around, but avoided her pussy directly.  She spread her wide open with her fingers, but left her panting for more.  K was doing much the same to her ass.  She spread her cheeks open and blew softly on her asshole.  Erin then gave her momentary relief by rubbing her lips and clit with her fingers for a few seconds, but then they were done. 
Erin said, “Ok…now it’s your turn.” 
Amie was very flushed and looked slightly disappointed, but stared her in the eyes and said, “Ok….mistress…tee hee hee.” 
So all that K had left on was the bottom of her cat suit and some black tights (both modified with a hole in the back of course) and Erin just had her skirt and torn stockings left.  Well, and the nice little tail she had in.  Amie got down on her knees in front of K first.  She tried to grab the edge of the tight bottoms that were sort of like skin tight shorts with thinner material.  She was having a difficult time getting a hold of it without her hands, so mercifully K slipped her finger in a bit and pulled it out from her belly some.  This gave Amie enough room to get a good grip on them with her mouth.  She started tugging down and was much more successful now that she had it in her teeth.  She had ended up grabbing both the bottoms and the tights, so as she pulled down it gave her a bit of a fight, but K was left completely nude to everyone’s admiration.  We three guys cheered loudly at her success. 
Next it was on to Erin.  I figured it would be easier to get her clothes off because they were less snug.  As I thought, she had her skirt off in record time and we all agreed that we liked the way the torn stockings looked so we let her leave them.  Erin’s pussy and ass were totally exposed through the torn material.  She looked very hot and whorish with the skimpy torn up stockings.  All the ladies looked very sexy and ready to fuck.  It was slow torture waiting for each new dare even though it was immensely titillating.  I knew that soon we’d all be fucking.  At least I hoped. 
It was Amie’s turn and she noted that Kurt was the only one left with clothes, so, of course, he was made nude with her turn.  Then he was in control. 
He said, “Well, we’re all naked.  Where do we go from here?  Let’s see what sort of perversity we can get up to.” 
He eyed everyone and then settled on Marco, “Truth or dare Marco?” 
He chose dare of course.  Kurt dared him to go down on his wife in front of us.  He gladly accepted.  He kissed down her body and then moved towards her moist cunt.  He worked on her pussy for the time allowed of 5 minutes.  Eventually he was licking and sucking her clit while pumping three fingers in her.  Erin came hard at about minute 4. It was very arousing to watch and we all were playing with ourselves.  At some point I looked over and saw that Amie was jacking Kurt’s cock as he watched the show.  We were all very turned on. I reached over and began fingering K’s very wet cunt.  My fingers slid in with no trouble and I began mirroring Marco’s thrusts into his wife. 5 minutes came too early.  Marco stopped working his magic on Erin and got ready to make his choice for a dare.
He said, “I think it’s time for a piss break.  Does anyone else need to go?” 
Most everyone agreed except Kurt. 
As we all got up to do our thing, Marco stopped us and said, “Ok, before we go my next dare is for Amie.  I asked about pissing for a reason.” 
We were all confused by this, especially Amie. 
He continued, “I know you’re all gonna think we’re total perverts, but my dare for you Amie is to let me film you pissing on my wife.” 
Amie, was pretty surprised and it showed. 
She said, “You’re kidding, right?” 
Erin looked a bit sheepish, but Marco smiled and shook his head and said, “Uh…no actually.  I know some people think it’s gross, but Erin and I both like to be pissed on.  She’s always wanted to have another woman do it to her, but we haven’t had a chance.  I figured we’re all kinda going outside our boundaries tonight….what the heck? I figured I’d throw it out there. Haha!” 
He also added, “And I don’t have to film your face unless you don’t care.  I can just film the lower part of your body.” 
Amie was still a bit surprised, but then said, “Well…uh…I guess I don’t mind.  I know that some people are into it and I’ve thought about it also.  I guess it’s kind of intriguing, so I’ll do it.” 
We were all surprised and amazed, but I have to say I think everyone was curious to watch. 
So Marco grabbed his camcorder and had us all go into their master bathroom to watch the events unfold.  He told his wife to get down on her knees in their walk-in shower.  He had Amie move above her and got them in frame. 
Erin said at this point, “God!  I can’t believe I’m doing this and letting y’all watch……I’m such a dirty whore.” 
Marco agreed wholeheartedly, “Yes baby…you are a wonderful slut!  And a very naughty one at that.  Are you ready to get pissed on by another woman baby?” 
Erin’s nipples were very hard now and actually so were Amie’s.  I think this was turning them both on immensely.  I know that my cock was very hard waiting to see this happen. 
Amie asked if Erin was ready and she nodded and then said, “Yes pretty lady…I want you to…spray your hot piss all over me!  Piss on my…unh…tits and…in my…mouth baby!” 
Then she opened her mouth wide as a warm yellow stream started spilling out of Amie’s sexy little pussy.  It poured into Erin’s hungry mouth and then down on to her plump tits.  It caused them both to moan and Erin started playing with her cunt as the golden stream continued to spray all over her body.  She asked Amie if she liked pissing on her and Amie told her that she loved it and that she couldn’t believe that it turned her on so much.
Erin said, “OH God!  I’m such a dirty bitch.  Piss on me with this butt plug deep in my ass!”        
After all of this craziness Erin and Amie rinse off in the large walk in shower.  They have a hard time keeping their hands off of each other as they offer to help each other clean up and there ensues a good deal of playing and groping, but nothing too heavy.  Afterwards they dry off and we head back to the couches.  It’s very late, but everyone’s super horny and it’s keeping us all awake.  That and Marco offers us some more coke. We get some more drinks and decide to keep “playing.” I suspect the next round will be less restrained as we’ve definitely crossed a line with what we’ve already done.  We’re feeling pretty fucked up also from the coke and drinks and lack of sleep.  It’s now Amie’s turn and she wastes no time in getting something kinky to happen. 
She says, “Ok, I’ve been wanting to see something from the boys all night long.  So I choose Matt.” 
I’m a bit apprehensive, but my horniness surpasses it.  I choose dare of course. 
She says, “I know you’ve never been with a guy officially so I dare you to make out with Marco and end by sucking his cock.” 
The girls all cheer at this suggestion.  I’m not totally surprised, but a little nervous since I’ve never done anything quite like this before. 
I say, “Well, umm…here goes…you ready Marco?” 
He smiles and replies, “I sure am big boy….I’m ready to feel your lips around me.”  I walk over to him and sit down between Erin and him. 
We kiss, lightly at first, but then it feels pretty nice so we begin tonguing deeply.  Both of our cocks are throbbing and erect.  I slide my hands down his chest and on to his thighs.  Soon I move up towards his cock and grasp it.  As we tongue each other sloppily I jack him off.  He moans a little in my mouth.  I then start kissing down his chest towards his crotch.  I get off the couch and am down on my knees by the time I’m near his cock.  Seeing it pulsing in front of me makes me want to suck it even more.  I tentatively lick the tip and tease him.  I taste a little salty precum and this spurs me on to take the head in my mouth.  Everyone’s eyes are transfixed on me sucking him.  Soon I take him further in and he grunts a bit as he feels the wet, warm feeling. 
Erin says, “Oooh yeah…that looks yummy!  Taste his hard fucking cock Matt!” 
I start playing with his balls as I suck him.  He loves it and I feel him pulse in my mouth.  He grabs my head and starts pumping into my face a little harder.  It’s starting to go into my throat a little and it gags me, but we both like it.  This causes more saliva to build and makes everything more slick and hot.  Erin and K are both playing with their very wet pussies now and Amie is squeezing her breasts as they watch.  Kurt is watching attentively and even he has a raging hard on. 
Amie then says, “I can’t help it anymore!  K, do you mind if I play with the plug in Matt’s ass while he sucks Marco?” 
K smiles and says, “Ooohhh…that sounds fun to watch!  Go for it baby!” 
Amie jumps up very excited and grabs the lube from near K.  She moves up behind me as I’m on my knees and tells me to put my ass up in the air like a good manslut.  I do as I’m told and while my throat is being fucked harder and harder Amie starts massaging my ass cheeks. After a minute she slowly pulls the plug out of my ass.  Then she lubes it up more and slowly pushes it back in.  It feels very slick and good pressing into my anus and up against my prostate.  After it goes all the way in she slowly pulls it back out partially.  Soon she’s pushing it in and out and it begins feeling even better.  It apparently really turns her on to do this. 
She says, “Mmmmm…God that’s hot to watch.  You like being pumped by a girl Matt?  Does it feel good in your ass?” 
I moan deeply around Marco’s hard dick. 
She continues, “I thought you’d like it baby….I bet you’d like it even more if it was a thick cock huh?” 
I grunt again in agreement.  Then she says, “I’m going to see that before the night is through aren’t I?” 
Once again I moan around the cock I’m sucking. 
K chimes in and says, “Yeah…I really want to see that also…do you think you can take it baby?” 
I pull off of him and tell her, “I think so babe….I can’t wait to try it…..maybe I can do it while buried in your tight, wet little cunt baby?” 
Now it’s her turn to moan.  It has long been a fantasy of ours for me to get fucked by a man while I’m inside her pussy. 
Marco has me stop and says, “As much as I’m enjoying this, I think it’s time to move on to another dare.  I want to see some more dirty stuff.” 
We all agree and I get up and sit back down by K. 
Now it’s my turn and I think about what kind of perverse thing I can cause to happen.  I turn to K and say, “Truth or dare my lovely lady?” 
She smiles and says, “Dare, of course my good man.” 
I then reply, “Good!  I want you to, let’s see….I want you to go down on Amie while Erin does whatever, and I mean whatever, she wants to your pussy and ass.” 
Erin cheers, “Yeah….that sounds like some hot fun there!” 
Amie agrees and says, “Get yer ass over here baby and taste my willing little pussy.  I’ve been waiting all night for some tongue attention from you.” 
We’re all pretty much over being nervous.  Now we’re just hot and bothered and K can’t wait to dive into some tasty cunt.  Amie lies back against couch on some cushions on the floor and K moves over to her.  They kiss hotly first and play with each other nipples a bit before she moves down and begins to lick towards Amie’s very wet pussy.  Soon she’s got her warm tongue all over a very erect clit.  While this is happening, Erin moves up behind K and massages her ass a bit before giving it some nice smacks.  K moans a bit into Amie’s cunt and gets more into her ministrations.  She pushes her tongue as deep as she can into the wet hole in front of her and Amie’s loving it.  She plays with her own nipples as Erin continues to spank and tease K from behind.  Eventually she starts kissing and licking K’s ass down towards her moistening pussy.  She kind of lightly slaps K’s cunt lips which I know for a fact she loves.  Then she moves her mouth underneath and slides her tongue all over K’s wet slit before sliding a finger and then two inside her.  K’s doing much the same to Amie’s snatch.  All three girls are moaning and sighing as they get into their work. 
We three guys can’t help but to jack our cocks as we watch the steamy scene in front of us.  Soon, Erin moves her mouth back up and starts tentatively kissing K’s asshole as she continues to finger her pussy.  K loves this and squeals into Amie’s cunt.  She soon pushes her tongue as far as it will go into the tight anus.  K squeals some more and slightly pushes back against it.  It’s a very hot sight to see. 
Marco is now sitting next to Kurt and I see him whisper in his ear as they jerk their cocks.  Kurt nods and takes his hand off his rod and allows Marco to take over the jacking.  Kurt grunts softly as he feels Marco’s touch.  This night is turning out to be very, very kinky. 
When I look back at the girls, I see that Erin now has three fingers of one hand in K’s pussy and two fingers of her other hand pumping in and out of her puckered ass.  K’s absolutely loving it and is devouring Amie’s cunt.  Her face is slick with pussy juice and she’s got three fingers furiously pumping in and out.  I figure since I’m the only one alone now that I’ll try to join in.  I move over by the girls and ask K if I can let Amie suck me.  She moans her agreement and so I move up by Amie’s head and offer my throbbing cock to her wet mouth.  She hungrily sucks me in and begins taking me hard in her mouth.  I grunt a bit at the pleasure and the sights in front of me. 
I look back over at Kurt and see that Marco is now sucking his cock while he watches the girls and me.  It’s such a fucked up and debaucherous scene, but we’re all so fucking horny it doesn’t seem to matter.  Everyone wants to suck and fuck and be fingered and fucked.  Due to K’s ministrations, Amie is taking me as deep as she can into her throat and my cock is coated with slick spit.  I see that now she’s got two fingers worked up into Amie’s ass as she licks her clit with fervor.  Amie is pumping back against the fingers and moaning around my dick.  Then I look back at Erin and see that she’s playing with K’s clit and has four fingers in a cone shape thrust inside her asshole.  K is pushing back against Erin’s hand.  After a minute of this Erin pulls her fingers out and disappears for a second.  During this departure I look over see Marco deep throating Kurt and massaging his balls.  He’s clearly enjoying it greatly and looks close to coming. 
Just then Erin is back with a box of toys.  She first pulls out a large vibrator and some lube.  She teases K’s clit with it and K starts squealing in pleasure.  Erin then takes some lube and spreads it all over her hand and K’s anus.  She slowly works her fingers in again, one at a time.  Around this time, Amie starts to come hard from K’s attention.  She stops sucking me as this happens and starts kind of bucking around K’s fingers in her ass.  After she comes down from this Erin tells K to turn over and get on the edge of the couch.  She does and Erin pulls her ass towards the edge.  She opens her legs and has me and Amie hold them open.  She puts the vibe back on K’s clit and starts working her fingers in her ass again.  It’s very lubed up and takes them easily.  Before I can believe it she’s got five fingers in and about half her hand pushed inside.  K’s writhing in pleasure from the vibe and the hand.  I continue holding her leg, but push my cock in her slutty little mouth.  She sucks it in greedily.  After only a few strokes I’m fucking into her throat and she’s loving it.  She’s been pushed over the edge into a complete whore by Erin’s attention.  Amie takes over the vibe work and Erin eventually works her entire hand into K’s ass.  It looks so fucking hot that I can’t help but start spraying my cum all inside K’s mouth and on her face.  Amie looks up at me coming when she hears me grunting and she then moves her face up near K and starts to kiss her mouth and face after I’m done.  She licks the cum off K’s face and they start tonguing deeply and swapping the jizz between their mouths. 
K starts coming now too from the fist in her ass and the vibe and Erin almost screams, “Fuckkk yeah baby!  Come for me!  With my whole hand in your tight asshole! I can feel you pulsing around me!” 
I think this sets off a chain reaction because I then hear Kurt moaning loud and then, “Oh…ohh…oh fuuuuckkkk!!!  I’m fucking….coming…in your mouth Marco.”  Marco swallows every drop.